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I'm playing around in Photoshop :)

Thomas Johansson

New Member

I playing around with Photoshop and right know i don't now how to contiune :p
What more can i fix or add in this pic :D And don't say background it will come :D
The pic at left is my :) Katy_Perry_2015_1.jpg
Hello Thomas and welcome to PSG.

The hair.

The main thing I see here that might help improve the cutout would be to make a better selection of her natural hair.

Right now, it's a bit too dark and lacks contrast. If anything, I would enhance the highlights. I would keep the part. All hair, especially on women, will have strays and flyaways, removing them takes away from the reality. As it is, it looks too hard, dark, and fake.

The rest of your changes look great.
I think , Yes hair is worse here in this editing, Also, You can make some adjustments in clolor between face and body.