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  1. A

    Specific Noob loser needs merge pic help

    Noob here. Can some1 take my loser self & insert me into the 1st pic so it looks like I'm her date? Sorry my pic pasted sideways here but tilt it up so im on the right, lookin 3 inches taller than her & you can crop out the bottom if needed so you can insert me towards the top so I'm
  2. R

    Hi, is there any hope of fixing this pic to make it look better?

    Hi, pic is 14 years old and it's one of my favorites of my wedding rehearsal but it looks so bad. Is there any hope of making it look any better?
  3. K

    Knife edit #4

    hello can anyone please help me to label the length of the knife in the first pic in a very creative way.Thank you!! �� Mod Edit: please upload your picture directly unless it exceeds the maximum size for this forum! (3500 X 3500 px)
  4. C

    Change our faces PLEASE

    Can anyone help me please, I am so desperate. Please put this guys face into this pic.
  5. K


    Hello guys can anyone help me to change the colour of the knife's handle in the 2nd pic become exactly same as the 1st pic's .thank you Knife
  6. G

    Couple of team photo transplants

    Hi. Hope someone can help. Want to give all our players a copy of this team photo, however there are a couple of small problems. The guy back left looks a little miserable, and the guy 2 along is blinking. Their photos are much better in the other. Is it possible for someone to transplant their...
  7. E

    help with Labor Day photo!

    can someone please edit out the pool lounge chairs to the right of this pic near the bottom? THANKS! :)
  8. S

    help for modifying a pic

    Hey Guys... Need your help to turn my pic into a one with professional attire. Could anyone please bring on a dark navy blue professional coat over the shirt on pic and make the background light grey.. thanks in advance guys...
  9. U

    Difficult one - Vector profile pic

    Hi, Not sure how difficult this is but can someone change my picture into a vector type profile? Kinda like this: Ideally i'd like no mouth, eyes or nose on the pic. Just a head, shoulders (with a plain t-shirt - that i could fill in with my chosen colour) Hair and eyebrows, i'd also like...
  10. J

    help me remove the reflection names at bottom

    help me remove the text hi i need some1 to help me to remove these text circled in red from the pics thanks in advance
  11. L

    My first Fridolin Drawing!...I know right???!!!

    25 years doin this...never got to do a Fridolin until last week. Quick history. It's a VW. Only like 1000 were made. used as mail trucks in Sweden. Today there are less than 150 in existence and only 20 or so viable. (I think). There's only like 6 or 8 in the US and I got to do one...
  12. F

    Recolor to drowish

    I would ask for help with recoloring a lady to have drowis color(blue) skin. Ill include a reference pic too.
  13. E

    Need the emblem of this pic!

    Hello, I need help to get the symbol from those images, I need someone to help me get the symbol of the pictures, in a completely frontal view(so the circle becomes round and simetric) and get it in black and white(symbol in black, rest of the pic in white). Thank you so much. I'd really...
  14. B

    Anyone knows the name of the style used in this pic?

    i was wondering if anyone knows the style used in this pic
  15. O

    Make it a bit lighter

    Hi! could anyone improve the quality of this pic so its not that dark and blurry? It is not good enough to post anywhere. Thanks
  16. D

    Need photoshop of my 1 year old daughter.....very thankful

    Hi everyone, I am new here and thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Have a pic of my daughter I want made into a meme with the words... "Day after leg day" on the top of the pic and then the words "Do not disturb" on the bottom. Want to have it made and then put it on my...
  17. C

    Photoshop Image Request - $15

    Hey Guys, I have a photoshop request. I have attached 2 pics that I would like to make into 1. Using the picture titled "Main" I would like to crop out the guy in the orange jacket. And in picture titled "Secondary" I wore a yellow flag, which I forgot to wear in the "Main" pic. I would like...
  18. N

    Fade and Blend two faces. Includes image

    Hiya I am new to the forum but not so new to PS. My question is: How do I start with one face (for all intensive purposes call it face 'A') and say morph to the right to a second face (Face 'B') adding a fade trail between the two similar to this image: In my instance I would really like to...
  19. T

    Closed eyes

    Hello guys As you can see my eyes are half-closed on this picture. I feel like this ruined the pic. Can someone fix this problem please?
  20. R

    Need help with my subreddit character

    Hey everyone im the moderator of and I was wondering if someone is able to make me a Snoo (character of the top left) from this pic something cartoony with blue eyes ? Thank you in advance