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  1. D

    Clean and Remove watermark 1980's Pic

    Hi Gurus, The attached pic is of my Dads first truck he drove when he was 19, on Tuesday he turns 50. I was hoping to print off the pic and frame it for him, but it looks very poor and the watermark is a pain. I have tried to find the original picture, with no success, and when i tried to PS it...
  2. F

    Photoshop Request (Important: company wants my picture)

    I hope someone can help me I really need this as soon as possible as I must upload the picture today to my flickr account before I send it to a company. Can someone remove the patchy color from the pillar/tower in this pic?
  3. A

    My eyes are closedCould someone please open them?

    I'm not sure how involved or what you would need to do this but I'd appreciate any help! Would you need a pic of me with my eyes open in order to cut and paste? J
  4. F

    Please help removed the red from this pic!

    Hey Guys, Last night I met UFC heavyweight contender Mark Hunt however I didnt check the pic til after I left the after party and there happened to be a red light from the disco lights on our faces. Can you please try fix this up as best you can? It would mean the world to me. If you're...
  5. K

    Me into a Grizzly

    Hello, Can anyone please make me into a grizzly bear? I want to be able to print this on 36x40 paper and use it for a game at work: I want to be standing up (the griz bear) but also have my face very noticeable in the bear. Here Is a pic of me. I want to be able to cut the pic out and pin the...
  6. N

    Needing a little help on something.

    I'm wanting to do a before/after type of image. I removed some trim on my car, but I wasn't thinking as I took the 2 pictures at different distances. I have no clue how to re-size one of the images so it doesn't get distorted. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm wanting the first pic on...
  7. P

    I can not figure out how to make a 2 color texture

    Ok everyone please bare with me, I have been using photo shop for like a week now. I made this picture and had a image I used for the pink and whitish color. it kinda looked like sparkels and fur, and then I blended the pink added a texture and got what you see in this pic. Now what I am trying...
  8. T

    I'm playing around in Photoshop :)

    Hi I playing around with Photoshop and right know i don't now how to contiune :P What more can i fix or add in this pic :D And don't say background it will come :D The pic at left is my :)
  9. S

    Remove shadow from this pic if possible please

    Hi, happy new year to you all. I've really tried to remove the shadow from this picture but I just can't do it! I need to use the pic as a profile pic and the shape of the phone across my face looks ridiculous! I just can't do it, is this something someone could help me with please? I've...
  10. M

    PLEASE :) photoshop two wheels on my car

    Not my car, but exactly the same as mine: One wheel: The other wheel: If you could please make both the same wheels on one pic, same of the other wheels on the other pic, and then one of each wheel on the third pic?
  11. S

    Save a photo

    A friend of mine's daughter passed away a while ago, and this is one of the only photos they have of her. It is damaged, so I took a picture of the photo with my camera, but I simply do not have the skill to restore this pic. I am uploading the PSD file, but if somebody need it in another...
  12. D

    Photoshop cc question

    I'm attempting photoshop cc trial and I can't get a photo to go onto a blank background for editing It will edit on the photo itself but how can I get the pic to go on the background? It just overrides the previous picture and put the newer selection on top (if I select new background it come up...
  13. W

    What type of edit i can do in this pic. ?

    Hello, I am a PS user i need to edit this pic. He is a athlete and want to do some creative work. Can you guys suggest me how can i start with this photo. What type of photo should i edit. Thanks a lot Appreciate any help from you,
  14. W

    How to add this effect on normal photo ?xt

    hello, how thispicture is made ? how to add this neon glow effect on a pic ? need a small text tutorial for thisedits
  15. J

    Can you remove the mold?

    I did ask in a different thread but i think it is the wrong one? I would like the mold removed so I can frame this pic of my wife, can anyone help? Note from mod: We strongly prefer to have photos submitted to reside on our server, not as a link to some other server because of the...
  16. agentmoeller

    Made a funny pic....

    .... a little bit funnier.
  17. J

    How can I make th ground look like grass?

    Help with wedding picture please! We really like these pics, but she is standing on dirt! Can it be done? I'm not very good with this kind off stuff. Thanks.
  18. L

    Need help, please remove the champagne glasses out of the image

    This is a pic of me and my Family at a "whine" tasting The title says it all, Please remove all the champagne glasses from the pic (You can leave the one in my hand) Your help would be greatly appreciated :cheesygrin:
  19. A

    [Help] Getting The Font!

    Need help getting the fonts for this pic to edit
  20. M

    Hopefully easy photoshop request

    Hey So my friend went out of town and asked me to feed his cat, and asked to send a pic or two. The cat decided to hide each time I went so I couldn't do that. Then I decided to just edit a cat into his living room to freak him out a bit, but realized that I don't know how that works. I have...