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I can not figure out how to make a 2 color texture


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Ok everyone please bare with me, I have been using photo shop for like a week now. I made this picture and had a image I used for the pink and whitish color.
it kinda looked like sparkels and fur, and then I blended the pink added a texture and got what you see in this pic.

Now what I am trying to do is this ok, I wanna take like lets say a pink back ground, add a texture through blending then take a white back ground add that same texture but space it differently.
So that when the layers sit in with each other the white fills in the voids in the pink.
Pretty much to make the image you see in the pic.
Now I know this has to be possible somewhere, I just do not know what it is called.
I am sorry for being a noob and asking this please someone help me, I am trying to make all my images 100% home made nothing from the internet.
Also the white background texture was from the internet, but I am rendering it in cinema 4d now to make it on my own and customize it 100%.
Thank you everyone :)

Ok so I uploaded a image that says maria, I hope you can view it. If not ill upload it to tiny pic as I am new to this forum.
Also guys like I said, I only been using photo shop for like 6 days or so, take that into consideration :)
Also I would like to say that, I find this to be so much fun. I am seriously thinking about switching my majors to graphic design in college.


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As you can see you guys there is little divets in the texture ok, I want those pretty much I am going for a look that will make it look like pink and white diamonds.
Thanks everyone this is for personal gain nothing else.
Hello and welcome to PSG.

An image/composite is an overall merger of many components. In your sample image above you have TEXT and a BACKGROUND.

Based on your description, I can only assume your talking about the text. You add effects to text by using a layer style.

What your looking for is a glitter layer style.