1. X

    Minnie Mouse red to pink

    Hello everyone! I cannot figure how to get the red to be pink, can someone please help? I?m new to photoshop and can?t quite get it. I need it to be pink to match their birthday theme
  2. S

    Photoshop hair

    I need a new hair color I want to know if hot pink works. Can someone photoshop it?
  3. L

    Remove a Shadow

    If anyone is able to remove the shadows on my dress and the two beside it. Also if there is any way to remove the little girl in the pink dress and the lady with the white top as well. This would be much appreciated and thank you in advance!! :)
  4. T

    Help please

    I need someone to remove the pink flower from the headband please. It takes away from the baby
  5. P

    How to imitate this effect or change color?

    Hi. Can someone help me with something? I have two pictures (they are anime eyes). The blue one has a certain effect on it, like a slight blur and darker top half, kind of like a gradient. Can someone help me duplicate the effect of the blue eye onto the pink eye? I tried changing the hue of the...
  6. B

    Which instrument was used!

    Hello everybody. Friends, I am new to this site. I have a question for you. What tool or brush used to paint the pink plume. I would be grateful for an answer and example. ))))
  7. R

    Help selecting an area outside of a *shape*

    So I am printing out decals for gaming controllers, (Xbox1, ps3,ps4,etc.) I have the backgrounds and templates ready, BUT, I need help erasing the excess designs from the picture. To do it with a lasso would take FOREVER. So that is why I am asking for your help guys! It is reallyyy hard to...
  8. L

    problems in this effect

    hello guys.i am new in photoshop and i have some problems with this tutorial.please help me if you can it is so necessary. first,in step 2,how should i cut those parts so they become in that...
  9. P

    I can not figure out how to make a 2 color texture

    Ok everyone please bare with me, I have been using photo shop for like a week now. I made this picture and had a image I used for the pink and whitish color. it kinda looked like sparkels and fur, and then I blended the pink added a texture and got what you see in this pic. Now what I am trying...
  10. Coffee_Girl

    Please help! How can i change the texture of fabirc but still keep the creases?

    Hi guys! I am a noobie and I desperately need your help. I am trying to get into retexturing items for my Sims game but I can't seem to find a tutorial that will allow me to change a texture but maintain the original image's shadows and creasing. I attached a photo of what I am looking for...
  11. G

    Gradient Help

    How do I stuff that is like the gradient looking thing in the pink area?
  12. Z

    Ducky birthday shoot - using that trendy soft pink effect!

    I had the pleasure of shooting a 2-years birthday party a few days ago. Here's one of the treated photos from the shoot. If you want to see the rest of how the pink effect action affects photos, check out my blog: I made the action myself. If there's enough...
  13. Paul

    I can do pink

    Another experiment with layers light and colour.