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  1. N

    Will someone please fix the exposure on this pic -any improvement would b appreciated

    the second one shows u the good version (flash on) - i need the first one fixed i kno it will never look like the second but any improvement would b appreciated thanks in advance
  2. T

    Help on Cropping a Pic! Request

    1. Your assignment is to design our album cover. Using the drawing, neatly crop out the 3 models of the people as well as the 'explicit content' symbol. 2. Paste the 3 cropped models and the 'explicit content' symbol onto the photo of the gas station. 3. Make sure the models are standing in...
  3. marcosgnfilho

    Idle time + random pic

    Hey everyone! This is the profile photo. I want you to see it on better quality. I've found an hi-res picture of my own arm and tried to do something with it, so, that's not an especial meaning, but I liked the result. I don't have the photo without editing here, so later I'll post it on...
  4. B

    help with pic please

    would like to make this guy look stupid thanks
  5. JustThisGood

    Brushes 10 Photoshop Burst Brushes (PIC and Demo Vid inside)

    Brushes created by me, for you to use and share how you like! Download link:Burst
  6. P

    Only printing the corner. of the pic.

    I know this is going to end up being something simple, but I just can't figure it out. I opened a .pdf with an image in the middle that I need to print (house plot map). I then cropped that image from the center so I could get it a bit bigger. The first print was almost perfect, but it lost a...
  7. N

    HELP : need brushes like in the attached pic

    Hi everyone How r u ?? I attached a picture i want u to help me in giving me similar brushes, background, scraps that are in the pictures I don't know if i'm allowed to ask you, but i will be very grateful if you helped Me :):) thanx in advance
  8. Hoogle

    a before and after pic for you

    Original with a lot of edits etc
  9. J

    pic size changes when copied

    Hi: This is my first post. I am trying to make a poster I have the background done and I want to add a pic. The pic is approx 4x6, the poster is 11x17. When I copy the pic into the poster it becomes very small. How do I retain the original size? When I try to transform the pic it becomes blurry...