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  1. Steve

    Look what I saw on my street.

    Poorly cropped pic I took on my phone, I could barely see the scene but still pretty cool,
  2. B

    creating a texture like the one in the image attached

    Hello everyone. can anyone give some suggestion on how to create a texture like the one in the pic attached. thanks
  3. J

    Could someone please help me on a picture??

    It would be so awesome if anyone could crop OUT the golf cart in front of us and clear the pic up a little. I would be so thankful if you could help me out. Thanks!! If not possible to crop cart out, just clear the image.
  4. P

    Copy and paste lines

    When I copy and paste a line Ive drawn (pic 1) from one image to another (pic 2) the line is not solid. However it is solid if I paste it to the same image.
  5. N

    How to change background to white

    Hey Guys Can anyone show me how to make the background of this picture completely white? I need to upload this pic to a website. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. E

    Circular cropping help

    Hopefully this is an easy one for you experts, I have a picture of a round badge, its background is yellow, how do I crop the badge, so the background disappears......and only the badge is left in the pic....I have got a little success with using the eliptical marquee tool, but I cant Crop the...
  7. 5

    Need some help

    I'm not sure what this is called. But how do I get the flames like in this pic on just the top layer of the number and not the outlines?
  8. H

    Checky Pixel Patterns

    Hi All, Does anyone know why there is sometimes a checky pixel pattern on my images and if there is a solution or way of avoiding it. See pic for eg. Many Thanks
  9. P

    realistic paint splash

    Hi everyone! Can someone please tell me/ or link me a good tutorial to how a realistic paint splash can be made? I couldn't find any tutorials, which showed how to recreate this effect. Do I need a initial stock picture of a paint splash? I have an example pic...
  10. E

    Help correct tilted glasses in my pic?

    Hi, my glasses are tilted in this photo:banghead:, and I would like to use this pic in an application form. Can anybody help me correct this problem? It would be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance
  11. N

    Grain in pic.

    Hey everyone.and especially those who have helped in me the past..this is one of the shots i have taken last or so. In photoshop it looks good..but when converting to SRGB and save it as JPG (save for web) and viewing it on screen, some colors in area seems to be have been lost. You can see the...
  12. S

    Can I open these copies?

    Hi, I am given a psd file. When opened, I realised there are many "copies" on the right bottom. See attached pic. M copy 2, 3, 4 and so on. Can I "open" these copies to see the graphics?
  13. K

    complicated hair masking

    It might be that I am tired and something just isn't sticking in the tutorials that I have watched but I have tried like crazy to mask out the hair in the attached pic. The client wants to change the color of the hair in this pic to a dark green and the skin tone to be more pail with a very...
  14. D

    Need help with photoshop

    Alright photo guru's, kind of a newb with Photoshop and i don't think i'm improving, my friends having her bday tomorrow and thought i would do something special for her, she's a fan of this local rapper, i thought here's a great idea why not get his autograph for her...... that kind of fail...
  15. K

    Critique: Dull afternoon to sunset photo

    i took this pic in the afternoon it was very bland i had an idea for a nice orange sunset look this is my attempt ur comments and advice to improve this pic
  16. axxo

    Nikki minaj butt?

    hello everyone, i am just curious of the theories you guys might have on nikki's butt? - for those who dont know her- she is an american "singer"... that dose little singing but is in the "media a lot" this pic was taken during one of her concerts. do you think that is a bad case of surgery?? of...
  17. I

    Need help with a picture with closed eyes (please!)

    So I met Train a few days ago and of course my eyes are closed in the picture. :( It would mean so much if someone could fix this for me! I also posted another pic with my eyes open.
  18. P

    A problem while merging 2 photos together

    I'm trying to merge 2 photos together...a photo of me over a photo of a corridor in a hotel. That's easy enough but the problem is that the pic of me is too bright so I've adjusted the brightness (to make it darker) so it matches the brightness of the pic of the corridor but when I merge the 2...
  19. M

    Colour issues HELP !!!

    Hi all, I hope someone could help me out with this, i keep going in circles I have been editing a while now and only ever uploaded them to the web never printing.i tend to edit in LR then put it into PS and save from there, until i went to print this pic out and had a massive shock, this is the...
  20. M

    Pic resize

    Hi, I attached 2 pictures. How do i make the transform from "original" to "new" picture ? I tried to play with pic size to make it same, but result is not same. Thanks