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  1. D


    Help: sexy valentines pic hey, I'm the owner of the instagram account - dorbukobza I am about to upload a valentines pic and really need help with adding roses to the pic (as I forgot to buy some when I took it lol). maybe one of you can help me please ? (will email the pic with more details)...
  2. D

    Help with this pic!!

    Please remove the chair, end table and wires!!
  3. A

    Valentines day gift (photoshop a paper)

    Hi everyone, Could you please photoshop a paper in my left hand that reads Tina (so it can clearly be seen). It's my gf favourite photo of me and I wanted to combine it with something to get a if someone can do above mentioned pm me for a pic. I would pay with paypal
  4. Mmglaude

    Help with maternity pic!

    Can someone try to remove the hair that is blowing across my neck and chin please and thank you I'd really appreciate it!!!!
  5. N

    Need fresh eyes to look at this pic please!

    Hi! I feel like I've looked at this pic for too long to know how it looks, can I please get some feedback. Would you say that it looks realistic? I'm purposely avoiding listing what exactly what would or would not look realistic to try get the overall effect. Thanks
  6. J

    My Granddaughter

    Is there any suggestions of what could be done to improve and can you guess how I done this pic? I tried to get to look like a painting . Here is a before here is after
  7. R

    Reflection in Sunglasses

    Hi Everyone I have been tinkering with a photo that I took of my daughter - It was a quick snap with an iPhone as it was a blink and miss it moment I've been trying to play with the reflection, as you can see me in the reflection taking the pic. anything that I do looks really fake and...
  8. Rpbin

    How to add a pic to a new layer

    Hi, I have added a pic to the bg layer, but I'm stuck as how to add a new pic to the layer above. I want to make the new pic semi-transparent so it looks as tho the girl is being reflected in the polished bronze surface. I have attached a shot of the girl on the bg layer and a shot of the...
  9. S

    Combine Pictures Together

    Could anyone add the picture of the old man/boy to the picture with the two girls? Or add the older wonder woman girl to the pic of the babies? We are trying to make a Christmas blanket and would like all the kids in one pic. Thank you!
  10. B

    Is this Pic Photoshopped?

    Hey Folks, i bought a Dslr, the ccd was smeared with some odd silver paste. Can someone have a look at these pictures, is it possible that the sensor has been covered with a black layer? I compared the alpha 58 i bought with an eos, photographed by the same seller, a random a77 and other a58...
  11. C

    Wanting a 2024 The Force Awakens Dale Jr image

    I am wanting someone to make a panel similar to these. But I want this one to be 2024 "The Force Awakens" with a pic of Dale Jr, preferably with an american flag colored tinting to his face. Here is a good pic to use. Thank you!
  12. D

    Help mom have all 4 kids smile in one pic

    My youngest doesn't ever cooperate for family pictures...all I want for Christmas is a family photo of all of us looking in the same direction and not crying haha please help! I attached the family pic where 5 of us, and 2 dogs, are good....and a photo that I'm at least happy with the lil boy...
  13. C

    Remove the glare on this pic and remove the guy on the right

    hello, i am the black shirt guy and the camera's lens was bad when pic was taken. if someone can fix these, that would be really grateful any other tweaks are also welcomed. cheers
  14. S

    Please create a logo for me.

    i am new to the site and i am trying to see if I can get a logo made for a store i am going to be opening, it is an online store. i like something like this one doesn't have to have the kid in it or anything, the store name is going to be Spoiled1. like your are the spoiled one. it is going to...
  15. R

    Can someone help add a smile to a pic real fast?

    I need it real quick, I'd appreciate it!
  16. hershy314

    First Portrait

    My brother, his wife and one of their kids to pick up a boat we had given them. They'd get more use out of it than we would. While they was here I had my nephew get in the boat and take his pic. I have never took anyone's photo before, but always wanted to try it. I like how this came out, but...
  17. P

    Would someone edit a pic for me. Small Detail

    would be cool if someone could help me through pm, as its something personal. thanks
  18. D

    Pen tool - too much selection

    When I select object outline with pen tool then click make selection, it selects other pixels on it's own. Please see bottom left. I only outline the outside of the logo and selection makes the rest?? IamSam I tried to send pic via pm but it will only let me attach image via url and not paste...
  19. ZeroCool22

    Battlelfield badass kid.

    This was for a PS Battle on reddit. Pic given: Final result:
  20. B

    please help :)

    Please add boy in pic one to pic two in position 4. Hope this makes sense :) Traditional graduation pic of kids growing up, one son couldnt make it lol