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Fade and Blend two faces. Includes image


New Member
Hiya I am new to the forum but not so new to PS.

My question is: How do I start with one face (for all intensive purposes call it face 'A') and say morph to the right to a second face (Face 'B') adding a fade trail between the two
similar to this image:

In my instance I would really like to know emulate this pic but also make the transition between the two faces more smoother morphic/faded out

Can anyone please provide some examples?
A good evening or day to anyone reading this, Cheers :)


Staff member
Hello and welcome to PSG.

The example image you provided above is nothing more than a blended version of staged, time lapsed images from a animal morph project.

In order for you to achieve a smoother morph effect, I think the best place for you to begin would be to learn the many steps and procedures involved with the morphing process..................Start HERE.

Next you will need to learn how to blend one or more images together....................Look HERE.

All in all this is a big project for a beginner.

PS. I do see some ways to cheat the effect. They may have just blended 5 images of the girl on one layer, and then 5 images of the tiger on another. And then overlayed the tiger layer while using a layer mask to blend.