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  1. D

    Concert Photo

    Hey all! I'm wondering if anyone can touch up the faces in this photo so it doesn't look like we're all sweaty as well as dial down the purple light that's on on the faces from a nearby neon sign. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!:cheesygrin:
  2. D

    [faceswap/merge] 10 images

  3. S

    Need help with grandchildren picture.

    Had a recent birthday party for the lad in the middle. Took about 10 shots, all are special but none are perfect. If someone would be so kind to use the 1st picture as the template, and on the second picture clone the faces of the 1st girl on left and the middle boy (birthday boy) onto the 1st...
  4. A

    Removing shadows from faces

    Hi! I was wondering if somone could remove the shadows from under the faces to make it more clear? Thanks in advance !
  5. Z

    After Effects Questions about JibJab animation with After Effects

    Hi there. This is my first time on this forum, first of all. Secondly, I am wanting to create a JibJab animation with After Effects using an existing video with some pictures of other people's faces pasted on the existing people in said video and I have a couple of questions regarding specific...
  6. R

    Anybody have any Idea of how to get this effect?

    Hey so I came across this image, and I thought it was a cool effect. Being inexperienced in photoshop it has me pretty stumped as to how they got this effect. The glossy effect on the faces is specifically what I am looking at. Not only that but the colour change as well. I was wondering If...
  7. N

    Fade and Blend two faces. Includes image

    Hiya I am new to the forum but not so new to PS. My question is: How do I start with one face (for all intensive purposes call it face 'A') and say morph to the right to a second face (Face 'B') adding a fade trail between the two similar to this image: In my instance I would really like to...
  8. R

    Elf on a Shelf

    Requesting to have three "Elves" on a shelf here. Please add two duplicates of the current elf please, I'll alter the faces. Thanks in noob skills just aren't cutting it!
  9. G

    Superimpose faces

    Hi could someone please photoshop the 2 faces of the ladies on these pictures onto the faces of a picture of Cissie and Ada please? The lady with the glasses needs to go on Ada (the one in rollers) and the other lady onto the...
  10. J

    Need Faces Swapped in Photo $20

    Order filled.
  11. A

    Swapping faces

    Hey guys, I'm new to PS.. I have PSE 13 and I need to swap the faces of the attached ghost. I want to cut the faces of ( and put them on the smaller ghost body (, and also make the color of the ghosts white (similar as Could someone teach me how or...
  12. ZeroCool22

    My first photomanipulation...

    Like i said it's my 1st photomanipulation and i hope, the "Pro's" of the forum help me to notice errors and help me to improve on my skills overtime. I use PS since some time, but for swap faces mostly and for fun, never did a photomanipulation with various elements before. Before: After:
  13. S

    Faceswap Request: The Prom Photo

    Hello, I need someone to change both faces of these two with the faces I have presented. It is for a joke for my friends concerning the hype going on about Prom. It doesn't have to be perfect either. Thank You!
  14. J

    Help swapping faces

    Hey, I would like to swap between the faces of the guy and the deer in the attached photo. anyone please? :) thanks in advance.
  15. A


    This is a work of restoration i did for a family member, some kids have strange faces but i am not a pinter :cheesygrin:
  16. F

    Please help me catch these noisy individuals

    Hi, I haven't moved yet but one of my cameras detected motion and took some snapshots... I was wondering if anybody here can help me identify the faces as the camera was not placed correctly during the event. Thank you in advance.
  17. J

    Where to begin?

    As a brand new member to this forum and to Photoshop it'self maybe I'm giving myself something to big to start with. What I hope to do, is to edit pictures of my family's faces onto Disney characters. (This goes back to an old joke we used to have in our family.) Only I don't know where to...
  18. iDad

    Zombie faces, it's that time of year!

    It's that time of year, Faces, Do em UP! (YOUR OWN FACE)
  19. M

    Add shadows from a specific light source?

    Recently i have been photoshopping my friends faces onto movie posters for the fun of it My friend requested me to do this poster Now i was wondering how i could get the shadows on the right sides of the faces if i were to paste in the faces of my friends... any suggestions?