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  1. M

    After Effects Problems adjusting a template

    Hi there I have downloaded a template which is the following: In the trailer there is a variety of fade in styles displayed, however in the template itself i can not adjust this and only have the text or pictures/videos flying in in the same way. I would like to...
  2. S

    Applying layer mask to just one layer

    Hi guys, very new here. In this screenshot i'm basically trying to make the hands fade, as they are (done using layer mask and gradient tool), but then having the mask apply only to the hands. The aim is to have something in the background and not having the hands transparent to it, and the...
  3. D

    Arcade art edit

    I'm trying to make an overlay for an arcade cabinet build. Could someone fade these to pictures together with the old zelda map on the left and the new map on the right. It won't seem to let me upload the .psd overlay file, so I dont' even know if this will work.
  4. C

    Hotkey switch to fade without stopping a line

    Is there a way to draw a line and part way through it, switch to fade it out to a point? Fade works fine for this, but stopping the line to switch to fade and then continuing the line is a real nuisance. I'd like to be able to hit a shortcut key and have the line fade from there on so I don't...
  5. N

    Fade and Blend two faces. Includes image

    Hiya I am new to the forum but not so new to PS. My question is: How do I start with one face (for all intensive purposes call it face 'A') and say morph to the right to a second face (Face 'B') adding a fade trail between the two similar to this image: In my instance I would really like to...
  6. S

    Fading the edges of a shape!

    I'm trying to fade the edges (not centre) of a shape which i have done so far through layer masking with the gradient tool and then inverting the mask. It is rather difficult however to centre the gradient properly so that it fades out equally in each direction. Is there an easier way to do this?
  7. R

    How to create this effect? Jimmy Page Outrider

    I need to create "fade-in" effect like this with my own photography. Is it possible using Photoshop?
  8. L

    Help with fading, thanks

    Hi, Having a slight problem getting a equal fade. Img>fade transparently into the background. Was easy enough to do doing it on a straight edge but have had some difficulty getting a equal fade on the angular part of the picture to be all equal. Not sure if I have done the best at explaing this...
  9. E

    How can I make this Custom Shape fade into the background?

    I want to do this in photoshop I started with the green background image, then I drew a Star, and then I made the star fade a little into the background. How can I create this same effect of fading objects (or in this case custom shapes) using photoshop?
  10. O

    Circle fade effect

    Hi, Im new photoshop member , how to generate fade effect using photoshop CS5 As an example : see image attachment . Thanks For Your Help HAPPY HOLIDAYS :rocker:
  11. N

    How can I fade a layer's edge?

    How can I fade/erase the edge of a layer so that it blends in when placed on top of another layer? I know I could do this manually with the eraser tool, but the edges of this particular layer are very detailed. Thanks in advance.
  12. I

    After Effects Fade Rotobrush

    I made a new Rotobrush layer, and I want to fade it out to reveal the bottom layer. How can I make it fade slowly out?
  13. A

    How to make a photo fade to transparent in photoshop

    How do you make a photo fade to transparent in photoshop? I am attempting to let the orange edges of the image slowly fade into the black background of the webpage.
  14. Z

    fade image in photoshop CS2?

    what can i do with that image so it fades into the red background without looking stupid? and what would you recommend i do to make it look better overall?
  15. U

    How to make a photo fade to transparent in photoshop

    How do you make a photo fade to transparent in photoshop? I am attempting to let the orange edges of the image slowly fade into the black background of the webpage.
  16. Z

    Faded/Vintage/Discolored Effect

    Hi, I'm wondering how to achieve this sort of look with a Canon DSLR and photoshop: Especially THIS ONE There seems to be a lack of complete black and white in either of the photos. i see the discoloration and everything, i just need to know what i can do to achieve this sort of...