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  1. C

    Specific Remove sun from her face

    Hello! Please remove sun from face so she is black dropbox link with picture: Thank you!
  2. U

    Specific Change the expression of one of the characters!

    Sooo I shot a poster for a movie I'm working on and while the vibe is perfect I don't like the expression of one of the guy in blue. I just wish he was smiling a warm smile or maybe laughing along with the girl. Any edit would greatly be appreciated and I'll give you a 'poster by' credit if you...
  3. I

    Specific remove shadow frome my Son face

    Hello Could you please remove the shadow from my son face? I need the picture for renewing the passeport. Thank you so much
  4. H

    Specific Can anyone make my upper lip look normal?

    I would be so incredibly grateful if anyone could make my upper lip look normal? It seems to have disappeared. Could anyone kindly sort of fix it? I attach a reference of what my imagination would like ( tho impossible) so anyone kindly doing this wound get my vibe. Thank you to any kind soul...
  5. M

    Specific Pimple

    Hey! This is my girlfriend. That's a pimple right above her lips. Can you please remove it? Thanks
  6. M

    Specific Tongue removal

    Could someone pretty pretty please remove my tongue from this photo and make it look like I am smiling?
  7. T

    Specific Beard and Goatee

    was wondering if you guys could please help me out, I'm thinking of growing a full beard, or a goatee, could you please Photoshop them on me so I can see what I would look like, would really appreciate it, thanks Attached three images just in case one works better than the other
  8. Todoroki16315

    Specific Make face look nice and change lighting

    Hey. I would like you to make the lighting on my face look very natural and make me look very handsome. Could you also blur out the background if possible. Thank you.
  9. B

    Question about cutting face from an image

    Hello, I am trying to cut out Arnold’s face and put it on a transparent background. Please see the images I want to put a different quote and then print this on a white mug. It’s a gift. I don’t want face to be surrounded with the black line since it will become apparent on the white mug. Can...
  10. G

    Specific Please enhance facial features

    Hi everyone. I printed the following picture 4 x 6 in. It's a pretty small format. I didn't like how the facial features aren't easy to make out on that picture. That's why I'm hoping something can be done about that and print it again. @IamSam agreed that a possible way to enhance the features...
  11. G

    How can I make her features a bit more visible?

    Hi everyone. I should start by saying I'm not that good (total amateur) at taking pictures and editing them, but I try :silly:. I already know the image is of poor quality. The good news is that I'll print it 4 x 6 in, so it'll probably go unnoticed. I love Photoshop, even if there's a lot I...
  12. M

    Paid Fix up photo

    I want to use the first photo as my partner looks amazing and the background but I'd like my hair fixed up and small parts of my face.
  13. Y

    Specific Color adjustment to swap two faces

    Hi I want to swap these two faces bellow, I've tried but seems very bad. See my result bellow, I don't know how to do color adjustment. These two face look different by the color tone. Please help me to do this. Here are the original image Thanks buddies!
  14. hocbaidi

    Specific Put a face on another person

    Please help me put this person's face onto this person's body in both these pics Please edit many or any combination you prefer. I'd like her skin tone to be originally white but for the lips please make them paler to suit the scene if you can. Thank you
  15. E

    Tacho Watch Face

    Hey guys I am new to the forum, and was looking for help. Here is the pic I want photoshopped: Basically I want just the face of the watch, remove the backgroung and housing of the watch. Also get rid of the hands, and day/date number down the bottom. All the writing (except the numbers)...
  16. C

    Change our faces PLEASE

    Can anyone help me please, I am so desperate. Please put this guys face into this pic.
  17. K

    Hi Can You Make me Youtube Icon?

    i want something like this but green cloud and with boots looking derpy with smile and hands down but difernet shape and face litle bit so i dont get copy right becose this is from film
  18. ZeroCool22

    3D Face Reconstruction from a Single Image.

    Developers in the UK have created code to extract a 3D model of your face using only a selfie. You can upload any photo you want for free.
  19. C

    can someone slim me down a bit please?

    Could someone make skinnier my face and chin area please? love your work guys <3
  20. G

    Face transplant for team photo

    Hi. I was hoping somebody might be able to help superimpose the smiling face of our goalkeeper onto his rather glum face on the team photo. His parents are quite disappointed the only decent photo of everyone else has one of their child looking gloomy. I've tried to do it myself but with the...