1. A

    Fixing face-swap issues/holes??

    Hello all! I'm trying to faceswap in some pictures (a face onto a movie poster) and keep running into one problem in particular. Here is what I'm doing: 1. Cut out person's face with lasso tool 2. Paste it over movie-poster face 3. Reduce opacity and line faces up perfectly (focusing on eyes)...
  2. TheABP


    Spot Healing Brush Tool + Adjustment Layers :arrowu:
  3. B


    Hey! These are some pictures of my best friend, could someone PhotoShop her face onto something funny? It could be anything, she needs a laugh, and this would make her smile :). Thank you.
  4. J

    Face Shape Editing Help!!!

    What are the steps to change face shape or body structure in Photoshop CS5?
  5. V

    Need help adding light beams to a face

    Hey all im trying to create the same exact effect as in my picture below , how would I go about doing this:
  6. Z

    rearranging someones face

    well let's start off by saying i'm not in the best of moods some idiot decided they wanted to beat me up on the way back from school and now my whole body kills. so i was in dire need of rearranging someones face, but i did it the less violent less noisy and less permanent way. with one of the...
  7. MelissaV

    Celebrity Face Lift

    Melissa Gilbert has always been one of my most adored childhood actresses....So I wanted to give her a face lift lol. I also changed her eye color to green tried to make them as natural looking as possible I shrunk the image size as they were high resolution not sure if the detail is showing...
  8. D

    How do i make 2 lightings of the face look the same?

    Title, and can someone do it for me, cause even if i can, it won't be as good as you guys.
  9. C

    How to add a shadow / darkness to a face in Photoshop - Help?

    Hi there I know this was done WAAAAAAY before the days of Photoshop and was done using actual lighting, but I'd like to be able to re-create a shadow over the one side of the face using photoshop. Can anyone advise advise the steps how to do it please? I already have my image looking exactly...
  10. Paul

    Face off

    I have been playing around with some ideas and this is one of my first attempts at the face off series i am doing. Very rough in display but it is a conceptual idea for now. Any feedback welcome.
  11. M

    take bonos face out of this and do in oil?

    http://i55.tinypic.com/1w83n.jpg so just the face .. in oils ... ive been playing with it for days with no joy
  12. Kaleshe

    My First attempts at face swapping manipulation

    Can I have some feedback on them pls :cheesygrin:
  13. L

    How to paint a color over a face ?

    Hi, I wanted to ask how to paint a color over a face in Photoshop. For example if I wanted to paint a person's face like a clown with the color white or red or purple or blue. How would I do it ? I'm not talking about physical paint but like face painting. I'm using Photoshop CS5.
  14. M

    Remove shadow on the face

    I would like to remove some shadow on face. What approach is the best? I tried color replacement brush but the result is not satisfactory. Thank you in advance!
  15. A

    Face Swapping Difficulties

    Hi, I'm new here, and I was hoping someone could help me with a a project. I already know how to do a simple face swap, a quick google search helped me with that. As a joke, I put my friend's face onto Hugh Jackman's as Wolverine: imgur: the simple image sharer My other friend wanted one...
  16. M

    how do i make a face 'peel' back to a skull?

    I need to make a photo peel of the layers of skin, through muscle and back to a skull. how would i go about this?
  17. S

    Face morphing - mixing skin colours

    hi! im new in photoshop and im interested in face manipulation - morphing i saw a vid on youtube and tried it myself, but im having difficulties with combining the skin colours. how can i smooth the transfer between the two faces and apply the background skin colour on to the edited nose and...