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Tacho Watch Face


Hey guys I am new to the forum, and was looking for help. Here is the pic I want photoshopped:


Basically I want just the face of the watch, remove the backgroung and housing of the watch. Also get rid of the hands, and day/date number down the bottom. All the writing (except the numbers). The numbers and white rectangles/squares to be extended all the way around, and finally the red to be extended up to align with the 2 instead of the 3.

I realise this is asking a lot, but anyhelp would be appreciated.
Here's another, the original was a low res image so this one is slightly larger 3500 * 3500 px

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Yes gedstar, that is almost exactly what I want. If you could extend the red from 2 to 4 and keep the inner circle you will have nailed it