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  1. J

    Newbie need turtorial how to swap face into a gif pic

    How to swap face into this gif, I need a tutorial , thank you in advance.
  2. T

    Trying to make cracked face

    Help me, I'm trying to make this :
  3. B

    Adding design to a face

    Is there a good tutorial that would show me how to add an intricate design to part of someones face like in the poster for Star Wars Rogue 1? (Poster attached) Thanks
  4. P

    Hi! Wondering if someone can help with a picture of myself.

    Hi! I'm wondering if someone would be able to a) make my face look not so sweaty. And b) possibly make my face look not as red. Greatly appreciated to anyone that helps me out!
  5. J

    I need my gpas face photoshopped on top of heisenbergs

    My grandpa is a huge breaking bad fan and id love to be able to give him a gift of his face over heisenbergs. I have tried and failed to make it look at all decent so anything is appreciated. Ive attached a photo of my grandpa and the photo id like his face photoshopped over. Also if you want to...
  6. Y

    need someone who can make my face looks good ( eye manipulation )

    as u see my face guys my face full of Small grains and a black and a black Spot so any one can help me and make that picture nice
  7. M

    Removing a hair strand

    Hi everyone ! Can someone please remove the hair strand hiding my face ? And if possible hide my ear with hair. Just tell me if it's too difficult. Is it even possible..? I can send you two pictures of me, from the front and the side of my face, maybe it could help you reconstructing the missing...
  8. H

    Need help with face swap

    hey everyone, anyone able to help me with a face swap for 2 pics? would be very appreciate if someone can help me out with this simple job. Thanks! request: swapping the B face to the A face. I just want the one with pink. And please edit the body skin colour as I notice it is not matching...
  9. F

    Daily face photoshop for advent calendar

    Can someone do a daily photoshop for a comic project photoshopping a face into characher like, yoda master, ebenizer scrouge, ecc I pay!
  10. F

    MASTER Yoda

    Can someone put this face into master yoda? Thanks!!
  11. E

    Please HELP! Birthday present SOS

    Hi! Ive tried turning an image into pop art using the posterize tool, but when I do it the face of the girl looks very dark and her facial expression does not resemble the one in the original picture. Here's the original and the one that I did. Could someone help me make her face more clear...
  12. B

    Logic - Under Pressure album recreation

    Hi, I was wondering if someone can photoshop my face onto the logic album cover art for under pressure. Replace the face that is on the cover with my face and hair, but keep the colors. I know this will probably be pretty hard. Thank you so much to anyone who gives it a try. I'm just...
  13. J

    Please photoshop this pic of me, my FACE looks so WEIRD

    Hello, I've had this picture of myself taken by a photographer. I really like the picture, my outfit, the background, my position, but... I can't show it to anyone with such a face on it, though ! I don't care about my eyes closed or the skin folds on my neck. There's just something about my...
  14. L

    Please help with a gift for my mom

    Could someone please help make it easier to see the man's face in the back on the left side of the photo? That's my grandpa watching my mom, the flower girl, walk down the aisle. Unfortunately he passed away before her own wedding day. I would like to surprise my mom with a version where his...
  15. R

    removing hair from her face

    Hi Gurus, Any tips or idea how can i clean-up the hair from her face. Any tutorial link is very much appreciated. Thanks so much
  16. G

    Any ideas what Effects were used to create this Photo?

    I realize a lof of this image was in a careful photography setup, but Im interested in how to styalize photos in this way. Seems to be some selective black and white, and the face coloring makes it appear almost HDR but I cant quite figure it out.... The high contrast in the ice is a nice...
  17. D

    Could someone help to put a Beard on my photo :)

    Hi I would like someone could help me to add beard on my face :) will be cool
  18. M

    Could anyone fix the colour on my face?

    Hi, if it would be possible i want to balance the colour on my face in this picture it looks unnatural as it is thanks in advance!
  19. N

    Hey! I need my face edited please

    The thing is that I have this picture with a friend and I want to upload it but do not feel that I look okay and l would like some arrangements in my face and maybe my ears. I'd appreciate a lot! What I need is a little to open my eyes, my mouth I don't know if you see that you need to fix or do...
  20. D

    Photoshop Request! Important!

    Can someone please take my face that's barely in the picture in photo #1 and cut me out and then using my face in photo number two somehow place it in photo number one?