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removing hair from her face


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Hi Gurus,

Any tips or idea how can i clean-up the hair from her face.

Any tutorial link is very much appreciated.

Thanks so much


  • remove_hairfrom-face.jpg
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Thanks so much, Argos. This is so awesome cool :).

Do you mind sharing what steps you did? Will that be only using the powers of clone stamp and patch tool?

I used clone stamp, patch tool, selections of the lower half part of the nose and eye with no hair to recrate the parts with hair.

For the hardest part (nasal septum) i look for a similar nose in google and added to the image and adjust color, shadows etc etc.

Sorry for the lame explanation but is hard to explain the steps because in each parts i used a little of all of the comented tools and my inglish kinda sucks XD.
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