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  1. R

    Help to remove lady from image

    I would greatly appreciate help in removing the lady in the blue bag from the picture. If not possible, is it possible to blur out instead? Image is uploaded via the link below. I am unable to resize it as it distorts the image.
  2. P

    Hello, could someone please remove the red car from the picture? Thank you!

    Thank you very much!
  3. A

    How do I replicate this design technique in Psd

    Hi, I wanted to try and replicate an artists design idea in photoshop but I'm wondering what's the best way to do it.
  4. E

    Can this be done in photoshop from a photo

    Hi, Please can you help? I want to make one of these for my mothers birthday (see link below) but am new to photoshop and wondered if one of you genius' could tell me how to do it? Thanks so much
  5. L

    im going to cry

    this stupid computer will not let me upload the photo or the photo of me showing how it wont let me upload the photo and the video link you guys sent to show me how to upload is illegible
  6. Azulnauta

    Crop the machine

    Can someone just crop all the background? I only want the machine to work with. link to download:
  7. Y

    How to link a photo

    How do I link a photo so it shows mid text instead of linking from imgur Tec? Thank you
  8. B

    Requesting help with changing a frown to a smile

    I look pretty angry in this photo but I still like it of me, so if it's possible to change my expression to a teeth-smile or at least just a closed-mouth smile, that would be great. Also, not sure if I'm embedding this correctly but if not I'll provide a link as well. Thanks in advance...
  9. T

    Help Refine My Logo Please?

    Hey, everyone! I was so amazed at the work you're all able to do, and I have another request. This is the logo for my blog, and I need help refining it. I was hoping someone could clean up the edges (the black is a little choppy), and maybe do whatever you think might make the silhouette look...
  10. photo_mix

    After Effects My free After Effects Projects

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post in this amazing forum, i started my new initiative ( making a free & simple After Effects Project ) i will make more & more if get a good feed backs from your side, any way this is a thumbnail of my first one Link removed Note from Moderator Promoting...
  11. P

    Delete Shadow

    Hey guys, i found this one on dribble, it's for free and it matches pretty good with the project that im working on it. Is it possible that ya could help me and delete the shadow wich is there. The Element where the mountains are has a lil shadow and i dont know how to delete this one. Here...
  12. A

    My new design

    My new design. Enjoy
  13. G

    Anybody know how to get the streak/lightning/fire effects in this picture?

    Anybody know how to get these effects? Any packs with them in it?
  14. D

    Please, help me with this image

    Can you please help me make this photo more professional - to keep figure but to change the background. This picture was captured on party and I would like to change background.
  15. M

    Remove text from photo request

    Hi, i wanted to ask if someone can explain me how to remove the text that says "about" in the image. Thanks in advance.
  16. R

    removing hair from her face

    Hi Gurus, Any tips or idea how can i clean-up the hair from her face. Any tutorial link is very much appreciated. Thanks so much
  17. M

    Please erase the guy in the black shirt on the background

    Hello, hope it is not too complicated. Thanks a lot :thumbsup:
  18. M

    Could someone please make the vein on the right hand less visible?

    It really sticks out now. I want to get in printed on canvas so I'm a bit perfectionist about it, haha. Anyway thanks so much in advance!! Imgur link to the image:
  19. P

    Could someone make the shadow a little bit "smother"

    hey, i created a sidebar with an effect on top of it. The problem ist that the shadow is a littlebit " hard". I already include it on my web project, the container where the menu is has a white background, the problem is that the shadow from the object is a lil bit to much. Could someone...
  20. Zain Khan

    My first draft

    Hello Can you all please take a look at my novel. Which is in the developing stage currently. I have uploaded the starting chapter of it and if anybody can read and give me feedbakc here would be awesome Thank you!!! Link removed. The linked website requires registration. Please upload any...