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  1. E

    Hey guys - My introduction to you all

    Hey guys and girls, my name is George, and i am from australia, and i love to edit/design/photoshop things to make them look amazing. i have a facebook page, youtube channel and a twitter account and you can find all of these on my youtube account. i also have videos of my speed arts on there...
  2. G

    3 Ways to Make Photos Black and White

    Wait, there are 3 ways?! Would love to hear how everybody else makes their photos black and white.
  3. F

    Photoshop trick

    Hello I am hoping someone will be able to help me please. I have a logo that I did in Photoshop. It is a red D with a silver 2 over it. I would like some parts of the 2 to be in front of the D and some parts to be behind the D. I have no idea how to even search for what I need to do. I am...
  4. K

    Halooo everyone! :D

    Hi friends! Wuhooo.:wave::wave: This site was recommended to me by my cousin 2 years ago when I talked about my interest in Photoshop/digi arts..I want to learn so much, I was busy in school 2 years ago and cant find time for this,now, I'm graduating already,hehe..that's why this is the time...
  5. S

    Beginner after some feedback

    Hi Guys, One of your classic beginners here, no photoshop training or photography background, just like playing around with it and seeing what I can do - manipulation and touch ups being my favourite things to do. I thought I'd post some examples of some of the adjustments I think have turned...
  6. W

    Can I have two sets of settings?

    When I first started using photoshop I was using it for the classic face swapping and whatnot. But recentl I got into pixelart. So I found this website that had a walkthrough on how to change your photoshop settings for doing pixelart. But I want to also do some of the old photoshoping and the...
  7. O

    Simple Basic Design

    Im new to photoshop and Im trying create a very basic design.. Can someone please help me. I really cannot figure out how to do the semi circles. I also want to make sure the semicircles are exactly in the center. Can someone please do this for me? Its pretty basic. Thank you
  8. L

    Cannot draw a circle

    Hi I cannot find out how to draw a circle. In the tool box I see the rectangular shape but not any circle. Please help! Ciao