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Beginner here. :>


SO, I'm a beginner to the art of photoshopping, however, here are the first pieces I made using adobe. Let me know what you guys think, it can be positive or negative I don't mind. I'm here to learn. So, here they are:
They look nice, though I'm not sure what you was trying to do. Only thing I can suggest is that the text in the middle image be centered a bit more. Maybe adding some bevel and emboss to the text to make it stand out more would be a good idea. Keep it up, we are all beginners here. We are all learning new things about PS all the time.
Hello VPanda and welcome.

These are very nice. I love the color choices. The inverted imagery within the letters is a nice touch. The only problem I can see is that they are all very hard to read.

What I really like about them is that they are so similar to what I have seen new Photoshop users create in the past as their first projects. This is a good exercise in clipping masks.

The really funny thing is...............here is the second image I ever created...........this was before I had Photoshop!

hersey314; I wasn't sure what I was doing either lol. I basically wanted to get introduced with the basics of the program and I saw the layers section and worked a little with that and some images. btw, thanks for the feedback ill be sure to incorporate the changes in my next try.
IamSam; Thanks. Yeah, they were kind of hard to read, but they make great illusions on my desktop. I might mix in a little blur, like in your image, to help establish those boundaries between the words and the primary background.