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Hey everyone!
I am really new to photoshop and have this photo I want to see if it’s possible to have the bar taken out of the middle of the photo. What would you need to fix this and is anyone willing to help? Thank you in advance!!


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Hi. 90% of this can be done with a moderate amount of work, but the remaining 10% is the most important part and by far the most difficult: rebuilding the blocked portion of the faces of the woman (you?) and her little friend. Even if I could perfectly draw a woman's nose (which I don't think I could), or find an image of somebody else's nose to paste in, it wouldn't be her nose and it wouldn't look anything like her. (And think of how the pig's self-image and confidence would be crushed if I gave him an unattractive snout.)

If this is you, it would be a huge help if you could take another photo of yourself from that same angle and kneeling in the same position. Then I (or a few others here who like these challenges) could try cloning that image into this photo. Once I've gotten that far, I'll take my chances with the pig.

It is me, I can absolutely post a couple photos of me in that position :) and I may even have one of the cow too to help!
Will send in the next day or so! Thank you!!!
That's a cow??? Glad you told me... I would have created a Photoshop monstrosity because I thought it was a pig.