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Purge cache in Bridge and PS


Just what happens when the cache is purged? I have several projects unfinished and might need to move around elements that are "hiding" in the canvas. Will a purge remove these???


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Deleting a cache is irreversible. Do not delete the cache unless you're sure that you don't want to use a previous version of your project. This will not affect saved projects that already have elements in place.

Maybe you should describe what you mean by hidden elements!
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If your referring to the image of the Wolf that is not showing through the canvas, then I'm not certain................let me see if I can find any info!
I tried an experiment. I went to EDIT > PURGE > ALL and it did not affect the "hidden" elements of the image.......

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You tried the experiment In Bridge and ps? I was gonna purge all. I'm getting nasty messages in Bridge.
Why are you wanting to purge your Bridge cache?
The cache in Bridge pertains to thumbnails and other sizes of temporary images that Bridge generates and uses internally to quickly display each file in a directory. Deleting or refreshing Bridge's cache does not change the contents of the files being displayed, and hence represented by the cache, only their previews.

If u are still hesitant, just do an experiment yourself. It will only take u a minute or 2 to confirm this.

Tom M
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Along with what Tom stated, the Bridge cache if unmanaged, can occupy huge amount of space on your hard drive.

If your computer is running slow, at the very least the cache should be compacted occasionally. Click on edit/preferences/cache/compact cache.
The cache in PS is for somewhat different purposes than the cache in Bridge, eg temporarily saving history states, etc. You can be confident of what Sam stated when u realize that PS's cache is cleared every time you close a file that u have been working on.

Tom M
IamSam, I'm getting nasty messages in Bridge.

Yes, you have said this already. Why do you want to purge Bridge's cache? Why do these nasty messages bother you? What do the messages say?
Something similar to this.


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Similar, or always exactly that warning? It makes a big difference.

If that's the only warning u received, do what they suggest.

The only one I'm getting


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As I said before, "If that's the only warning you received, just do what they suggest.".

Let us know if following the suggestion in that dialog box fixes the problem.

Tom M