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  1. R

    How can I emulate this look?

    Hi guys, I have volunteered to do some shots at work for employee of the month and I want to do an exagerrated "hero" look for a laugh like the pic attached. I know how to light the subject, make a good selection and put them into an appropriate background but does anyone know of a book or video...
  2. A

    Resizng of artwork

    Hi I am posting this again as I forgot to attach the artwork before Same details needs to be PDF all text converted to outlines any bitmap images saved 100% size at 130dpi embed all images and elements bleed each side 1 mm I do have all the parts separate and also in photoshop format...
  3. chrisdesign

    3D WIP Steampunk Quad Copter

    Well, I had this crazy idea about creating a Quad Copter 'steampunk style' with Blender. Here is my first attempt at one of the four rotor elements. I' ll show my progress here every other day.
  4. M

    Elements 11 and RW2 files

    I have Elements 11 and have just purchased a Lumix FZ72 camera, a current model. Elements 11 will not open the RW2 RAW files it produces, what do I need to do?
  5. N

    Hardware and Software Advice

    Hi all, I have a few questions and apologise if these are covered somewhere else in the forum. I want to begin photo editing and have been told LR is the way to go. However, I'm on a tight budget and will look to purchase LR 5 rather than the latest version. One of the things that has caught...
  6. M

    Accessing tutorials in CS2

    I have just installed a legal copy of Photoshop CS2 on my Windows 10 AU computer. In Help, when I selected a tutorial I got an Elements 4 tutorial. I then uninstalled Elements 4 and now I get details about the help centre, regardless of which tutorial I select. Is this a Windows 10 compatibility...
  7. E

    Cropping assistance

    Hoping you expert folks can assist me with this little project, we are trying to crop a face from a photo, and then print it onto a T-Shirt design.... The idea is to crop this chaps face area, and then us the cropped image for printing, ie we dont want any background.... How can I do this in...
  8. R

    Image Inversion

    Saw this idea in a magazine and decided to give it a try. Basically, you take a normal landscape or seascape and invert it 180 degrees to create a disorienting effect that swaps the sky and foreground. I started with this normal mountain landscape... and then rotated it 180 degrees. I...
  9. Eggy

    3D Shrine Of Anubis

    This is a combination of PS 3D, the shrine, *.obj, Anubis and some PixelSquid elements. Just to prevent me getting rusty.
  10. I

    How can I make changes to elements in an interior?

    Can someone tell me what tools/functions I'd need to change elements in say, a living room image? If I want to put designs or wall paper on white walls, or change the color of the floor or add windows in a way that looks in perspective? Thanks!
  11. gedstar

    Photoshop Elements Plugin ElementsXXL

    Just came across this, thought it may be useful for anybody that uses Photoshop Elements According to the website ElementsXXL adds up to 430 powerful features to Photoshop Elements for Windows
  12. C

    Does Photoshop Elements 13 run well on Windows 7?

    Don't judge me, but I recently got my first Windows 7 computer. Previously I used a Windows XP machine, on which I ran Photoshop Elements 2. PSE2 was released in 2002 and, according to some forum posts, doesn't run on Windows 7. So, I'm looking into getting Photoshop Elements 13. Have you...
  13. E

    Looking for help to isolate elements in a photographed piece of art.

    Hi everyone, I've got a pretty layered piece of art and looking for someone with OCD like pen-tool skills to carve it out and slice + isolate a number of elements in the piece. The turnaround is a bit tight as I'm looking for someone to who'd be able to do it in the next few days. I'd look...
  14. A

    hello everybody

    So I was searching for answers and couldn't find any. So I joined this forum. I am mostly a vacation and family events type photographer but I'd like to become better at it. I just bought elements essential 13 and I'm trying to work through the process of using it to make my images better. John
  15. K

    Purge cache in Bridge and PS

    Just what happens when the cache is purged? I have several projects unfinished and might need to move around elements that are "hiding" in the canvas. Will a purge remove these???
  16. Y

    IPhoto and Photoshop Elements 13

    Hi, I have just purchased Photoshop Elements 13 - my first Photoshop experience! I currently use iPhoto to organise my photos and am thinking of using Photoshop Organiser instead. My question is, if I import my photos from iPhoto to Photoshop, does it actually move them or does it just make a...
  17. ARUKman

    Elements 13?

    Hi, I have recently scanned some old black and white and colour photo's of my family ancestors. Many are torn and badly scratched and in need of regeneration. I have yet to purchase any module of Photoshop as I am unsure of what I need, but do not want to go to the expence of the full suite...
  18. B

    Duplication of groups of layer

    I have found some psd resources to improve my web designs. I open them and I try to take a group of layers, duplicating them on my working file. The group has been copied but in all attempts I can't see the imported elements in my file. In what have I been wrong? Thanks to all
  19. O

    Anyone use photoshop elements 11?

    How good is photoshop elements? I'm new to this stuff but am looking to make street art designs. Is there enough features on elements?
  20. O

    Hello, i'm so brand new

    I'm so brand new i don't have photoshop.... yet. Currently using another program but soon to purchase photoshop elements. I have some questions for you guys.