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Image Inversion


Saw this idea in a magazine and decided to give it a try. Basically, you take a normal landscape or seascape and invert it 180 degrees to create a disorienting effect that swaps the sky and foreground. I started with this normal mountain landscape...


and then rotated it 180 degrees. I added a few new elements to arrive at this, which I used to create a CD cover for a road trip some friends and I took to Canada:

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Nice!! but in my opinión the word "canada" kill the image, is too ugly and big... covering a nice picture.. my opinion XD.


Edit: My inglish can be a little bit harsh sometime because i can't find the right words, with ugly i mean dont blend well with the image.
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Very interesting and unusual way for a composite. It's worth giving it a try myself!
Your result looks good, though I agree with Argos comment on the text.
Thanks for the comments. I'll re-think the text and try to come up with something else.
Nice Chis but the cool thing in rich54 image is that made the impresion of two image in one, tricking the brain in a way, yours dont have this effect in my opinion because boats dont fly XD,