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3D Shrine Of Anubis

Thanks Ged.
Actually I'm redoing it now. I wasn't very pleased with the result.
I'll post an update with the rendering is done.

You've got to exercise Ged, even if you're not posting it.
Wow, what a surprise Eggy!
This is the best 3D composite of you so far.
Fantastic reflections every where. Just awesome work!

Question: Is the Anubis object from renderosity?
This is also a very well-done version Eggy, though I personally prefer your first image.
It shows a "stylish elegance" that is really hard to beat.
Thanks Chris, I appriciate your opinion.
Actually in the first picture I wasn't so pleased with the reflections on the arced plate behind 'Anubis'.
I think I made the reflections a bit strong with result it is hard to distingiush them.
In the second image I used an *.obj object column and I like it better then in the first image.
Did you checked out the site with the *.obj?
Really easy to use if you find what you need.
I opened your link when you posted it.Thanks again.
But I'm going to have a serious look at this site tonight. Sounds promising.