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How can I make changes to elements in an interior?


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Can someone tell me what tools/functions I'd need to change elements in say, a living room image? If I want to put designs or wall paper on white walls, or change the color of the floor or add windows in a way that looks in perspective?

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Tom Mann

Making such changes appear realistic involves a fairly wide range of intermediate to advance Photoshop skills. How much experience in PS do you have?

Tom M


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There are many tools involved - a tool by itself or in combination with others.

For instance , here's a YT video on how to add wallpaper.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KF9PxZfeqwg

Adding a window to a wall may require the transform tools to resize or distort the window to match the wall perspective. And then, match the colors and exposure to blend in the new element into the scene. This will require adjustment layers and applying a clipping mask. Clipping masks are used very regularly in PS and when applied, the adjustment layer effect is visible only where the new window is visible. We can then adjust the colors to match without affecting the rest of the photo. And then there's the matter of adding an outside scene in the window....

Same could also apply to floors unless you require to change or add a texture. This is where using the displacement Filter will come in handy.

There's an old thread here that touched on "re-furbishing" a living room... which I can't find right now.... :cheesygrin:.

It would help if you can post an image we can work on so we can give it a thought of what to give you in terms of basic, simplified steps... but bear in mind, basic, simplified steps may not be enough to create a believable refurbishment....