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  1. D

    Need help making paint splatter on wall look better

    Hi everyone, I'm designing album artwork for my band and I am trying to Photoshop a paint splatter onto a wall. I've got a decent start going, but something still comes off as jarring and not quite convincing enough. The goal is to not make it as realistic as possible, but good enough to make...
  2. X

    Scale Question

    Hello, I work at an art gallery and I've had a couple years of photoshop experience through designing ads and personal use. I'm having difficulty with this though. I was given the task of figuring out how we can photoshop in one of our paintings onto a room stock image (or a picture of a...
  3. C

    Graffiti request with sportscar

    Hi all! I just took a photoshoot with my car in my city (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). Normally this place is great for a shoot because there is some nice graffiti on the walls. Unfortunately the walls are very boring today :confused: So I have an idea!! Can someone create some nice graffiti...
  4. S

    Please help me merge the two pictures

    Hi.. Please help me get the the image1 to come on prominent wall shown in image2 which is depicting wall damp. It should come like the wall is painted with that pattern. Really looking forward for it. Thanks in advance.
  5. T

    Can you please make the sky a night one and do something about the blue wall?

    Make it at night and fix that blue wall
  6. T

    Wall Girl Graffiti

    it's my first wall graffiti. Give me your opinion how can I make it better. Before The wall: After:
  7. A

    Applying perspective automatically to a smart object?

    Hi guys, i'm in the middle of creating a bathroom at the moment in photoshop. I've got my floor scaled out and perspective warped, i've got my skirting board applied. at the moment i've got some Wall cladding on the back as a straight image. and i've got the 2 side walls perspective warped and...
  8. A

    Need a little help to clarify something

    H everyone I'm not sue if it is possible but was hoping for help! In the image next to the window there is a piece of paper on the wall which starts with "Extras" is it possible to zoom/clear up the rest of the image to be able to tell what te res saysor is it too pixelated?
  9. Eggy

    3D 3D Typography Mirror Mirror On The...Wall?

    Another exercise in 3D using a mirror effect.
  10. Q

    logo help

    I really need help designing a logo for a small startup business called black cotton, but I've hit a wall and need help with ideas. Anything would be appreciated please. The sketches on the right is the best of come up with too :( .
  11. S

    Hi. Can somebody change the background?

    I think i look good in this photo but i want an ivy covered wall as the background. It'd be really great if somebody could change it for me. Thanks
  12. fredfish

    One for today

    In the spirit of today's date I thought I would post this composite I did a while back for a friend that wanted a Gothic desktop wall paper. Just a bit of fun but by all means comment! Cheers John
  13. G

    photo request

    Would someone be able to edit the couch out of this photo and just replace it with more wall and carpet? TIA! Edit: I'm also noticing the darn outlet on the wall and bug bite on her arm. If those could go too I would appreciate it!
  14. L

    Cutting backgrounds out of a video

    I have a video of a window with trees moving outside. You can see the wall that the window is on and I want to cut the wall out of the video. How can I do this? I basically want to crop the video so it only shows the window and not the wall.
  15. B

    Teach a Man to Fish (Please...)

    So, I've been playing in/around PS for awhile and know just enough to be sorta dangerous but this photo edit has proven tricky (for me). Not looking to have anyone do it "for me" - I'd rather get some ideas from you vets and work on making this happen myself - so I'm not asking for fish, just...
  16. A

    Keeping original wall colour

    Hey ! So I'm working on this projects, where I want to decorate a room with paintings and stuff like that. But I got a problem with the shelves. I want to put the shelves I saw in a picture on the internet, but to keep the original wall colour on the background I'll attach a photo so you know...
  17. I

    How can I make changes to elements in an interior?

    Can someone tell me what tools/functions I'd need to change elements in say, a living room image? If I want to put designs or wall paper on white walls, or change the color of the floor or add windows in a way that looks in perspective? Thanks!
  18. T

    Can Someone Please Remove The Wall Marks And Razor Cut On My Face?

    I think this should be pretty easy for some of the photoshop veterans here. I just want the wall to be all 1 color and the mark which is a razor cut from shaving to be edited out, it is on my chin.
  19. C

    How to remove the opendoor/room that's partly behind her?

    Hi people, I've spent about an hour and a half (my very first try at photoshop) trying various tools and watching some tutorials, but I still haven't found a way to make this right: my goal is to take away the whole bathroom and to make it look like the wall just continues behind the girl...
  20. B

    Original shadow on a flooring (or a wall)

    Hi everybody and thanks in advance to those who will follow the thread. I need to change the tiles on a floor and a wall, but then I must keep the original shadows. After changed the floor tiles, I've tried to restore the shadows making a copy of the background, than desaturated and inverted...