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  1. TripleYoThreat

    How To Touch Canvas From Inside Or Outside

    Hi, hope you're doing well. Quick question here. How can I have this item I'm transforming touch the canvas from the inside or outside. I use these terms because Media Player Classic has these options and it works perfectly, touch frame from inside or outside. So, when I'm resizing a...
  2. R

    Clean up

    Hi Guys, Could you please do me a solid and clean up this pic so I might use it on my website? What I would like to request is the dirty stains on the walls and roof be removed. There is rust and stains and other marks that need removing. I'm aiming for nice clean white walls and roof behind...
  3. C

    Graffiti request with sportscar

    Hi all! I just took a photoshoot with my car in my city (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). Normally this place is great for a shoot because there is some nice graffiti on the walls. Unfortunately the walls are very boring today :confused: So I have an idea!! Can someone create some nice graffiti...
  4. I

    How can I make changes to elements in an interior?

    Can someone tell me what tools/functions I'd need to change elements in say, a living room image? If I want to put designs or wall paper on white walls, or change the color of the floor or add windows in a way that looks in perspective? Thanks!
  5. J

    retouching - need help on grids on walls

    HI there, thank you for looking at my post. well, I did a photoshoot for a hotel recently. Walls in rooms have grids and I think it would be nice to remove them. sometimes it's easy, but most of the times these grids are surrounded by dif tones of lights and dif colors which makes this work...