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Does Photoshop Elements 13 run well on Windows 7?


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Don't judge me, but I recently got my first Windows 7 computer. Previously I used a Windows XP machine, on which I ran Photoshop Elements 2. PSE2 was released in 2002 and, according to some forum posts, doesn't run on Windows 7. So, I'm looking into getting Photoshop Elements 13.

Have you had good experiences in running Photoshop Elements 13 on Windows 7?

Looking at reviews on a few retailers, it seems several people have had poor experiences, especially in getting PSE13 installed. One reviewer said, "Trying to install elements is a complete pain... I'd rather go to the dentist or the DMV than go through this again."

Do you have any experiences with PSE13 on Windows 7?
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Yes and Yes.

No installation problem, works fine.