1. O

    Illustrator Unable to move object to background

    Hello all, My issue: I have an illustration of a wrist watch. I created a black object to use as drop shadow. I right click on black object > arrange > send to back......but it does not go behind the illustration! How can I move it behind the illustration? I am stuck. Thank you in...
  2. R

    How may I move a layer by pixels equal to the width of the layer?

    Hi Something I do very often is duplicate a layer, and then move the duplicate right by a number of pixels equal to the size of the layer...I have worked out how to record my actions used for creating the new layer, but can't figure out how to set up the move correctly in a script, since the...
  3. Paul

    Playing around with the zoom feature.

    Made this with my little Nikon point and shoot, inspired by the Hollywood greats:mrgreen: Trying to get the zoom out as i move inwards and the zoom in as i move away is the trick to it, both must be of the same speed.:banghead: Getting their though :cheesygrin: View My Video
  4. B

    Dragging pictures and moving things in photoshop?

    I have a trial of CS6 extended. I'm trying to make a flyer and nothing's going right. How do I move a picture from a website into photoshop? It's not letting me drag it and when I copy and paste it, the photo shows up very small in photoshop (and when I try to enlarge it it becomes all pixel-y)...
  5. H

    Illustrator Creating an Action in illustrator

    Hello All, I'm trying to create an illustrator action that isn't functioning properly on playback. I'm using Illustrator CS5 on a Macbook. In setting up for print production of CD's and DVD's, on what's called an OMAP; I have to copy, paste and then place the image at a specific point on the...
  6. G

    relative move by percentage

    Hi all, I'm trying to define my own watermark (just a piece of text) and define it as an action so that I can apply it as batch. I'm creating a text layer as the signature, and I would like to move this text layer to the lower right corner of every image. For this, I'm trying to find a...
  7. S

    linking layer masks across layers

    Hi! so the question is simple the answer I don't know. In photoshop CS4, I can link within a LAYER, the IMAGE and its MASK. So that the if I use the MOVE tool, both moves together. So far so good. Imagine now you have 2 layers (LAYER 1 and LAYER 2) both with their own masks (MASK 1...