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  1. S

    Illustrator Having issue with 'make compound shape"

    So im working on a shirt design and i used some grunge vectors to cut out texture in my design. So i added the texture in a mask > flattened transparency > cleaned up the weird box it adds. Now my design has abunch of weird little separations - like the whole object is cut into smaller squares...
  2. M

    Lightroom Problem with background whitening

    Hi. Long story short, I have this problem with making the background white when the object in background is light in color or also close to white. I'm using adjustment brush in lightroom for this purpose. My background when I take photos is usually grey. So making it white is not a problem. But...
  3. S

    Remove object from Photo

    Hi I need to remove the propeller from the photo, Is it possible?
  4. R

    bonjour from Belgium

    hello I found this forum tru google search as I am looking for a tutorial I made a new thread abt adding an object to an image thank you have a nice day and a great weekend
  5. Eggy

    3D Blender - Mining Lamp

    Actually the exact term is safety-lamp because the lamp wasn't used for illumination but to check for methane and carbon dioxide. For once, this isn't a new object but one that has been used often..
  6. S

    Creating an object

    Hello all, I'm currently trying to have an object (rectangle) under a circle. What I'm trying to do is have the arch of the circle create a shape where it meets the straight line across of the rectangle under it. basically cutting the curve out of the circle along the line of the shape below...
  7. agentmoeller

    Illustrator Gradients

    Can anyone explain to me why, within the gradient adjustment line box, I have a perfectly smooth top-to-bottom, black-to-white gradient, but the actual gradient in my shape object is a frumpy, unsmooth mess with smooshed color blends? Driving me NUTS@^*$%!!!
  8. Eggy

    3D 3D Typography 4M @ See

    This is an experiment to create my own made sea in 3D and make it interact with another 3D object. Except the lamps (3D object from Archive 3D) everything is made in PS 3D. The extra waves, water spatter and clouds are brushes. It's an experiment and I'll have to fine tune the method! Here's...
  9. D

    Question in 3D textures

    Im trying to texture a 3D model and the easiest way i found to do it was to do a "bleeding option" of gradient on the object, the problem is it doesnt count it in the texture, can i somehow turn that bleeding option into a texture?
  10. Eggy

    Guess the macro

    Let's revive an old tradition and make you guess what object this is Let's begin with an easy one
  11. TripleYoThreat

    Simple Light Effect Turned Extremely Complicated?

    Hi, I have a Photoshop document that needs a spotlight applied to the entire document. Lighting effects are usually by layer, so I opened it as a smart object as a workaround. But then, it wasn't editable and a dark part continued to appear dark. (the bottom shoe in the screenshot) What's the...
  12. thePixelPixie

    Blend edges of Smart Object into background?

    Hi there, I have a smart object and would like to make the edges blend or feather into the background somehow. How would I achieve that? Thanks in advance. ~Laura
  13. M

    how to save a smart object

    I hope it's the right forum It ended in. I have been creating a picture in photoshop and converted it to a smart object, but how does I save this file so I can use it in another document
  14. H

    Removing object from photo

    Hello! I will be very grateful if someone help me with removing an object from my photo. I want the cigarette removed from my hands, you can put just cigar ot electronic cigarrete. Please and thank you!
  15. J

    Smart Object. Could not update smart object files because the file is already in use.

    Hi, I'm by no means an expert in photoshop. Im currently using CS6. I downloaded a free 'mockup' where i insert an image into a smart object and press save and that image looks like it is in a photo frame. I was using this free download for over a week with no issues at all. Now each time i...
  16. Y

    Straighting vertically an object in photoshop

    Hello everyone! I want to make sure this wacom pen will be straight vertically, that means I will have to rotate it but is there an accurate way to doing so so it will be exactly straight
  17. gautamz07

    Hwo to make laptop mockups ?

    Hey guys checkout this mockup PSD here , now see how the screens are tilted but when i click on the "edit layer" on the smart object in the PSD the screen that opens , is not tilted , its just a flat screen and i just have to place my image there and press "save" and bhoom the image appears on...
  18. S

    how to make a object look like its under the skin

    Hi can anyone help me please, how can i make a object look like it's under the skin please? would like to do hands under the skin round a throat thank you
  19. M

    Wrap Smart Object Around Edges

    Good Afternoon, I am trying to create a smart object that automatically wraps around corners similar to the attached image. Any help or tutorials would be awesome. Thanks!
  20. D

    Illustrator Removing object from white background in .eps vector image

    Hello, I purchased five images from istockphotos, and I thought they might include .ai files so I could have the object on a transparent background. No such luck. They are all .eps vectors on whitish background. (Hope I explained that correctly.) Here is an example of one of the five images...