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  1. photosfxart

    Advertising illustration design

    Here is one of the advertising illustration design that I'm working now. To be continued... :)
  2. Jessicayla

    Cartoon me!

    Long time no see, everyone. I'm liking the new forum layout :D Anywho, I made a drawing, as seen here: And turned it into an icon for myself! I suck at coloring so I think that was my major downfall here but I like the end result. Any tips on good brushes to help color in stuff like this and...
  3. D

    Football/Soccer Player Cool Effects

    All, I'm wondering if someone can give me a bit of help in achieving the football player effect as seen in the image attached. I have tried a few different designs/basic options is PS, but cant seem to get the effect of half photo/half illustration quite right... Any help would be great as...
  4. B

    Illustration issue

    I'm attempting to do an illustration of Freddie Mercury in Photoshop. At the moment, I can't get the jacket to look right at all. Any idea what the issue could be?
  5. S

    3D Modeling a basic 3d man like illustrations

    Hi there I just want to know how to create a 3d man model like this: I am also embedding in case if you have problem opening it in browser. I have tried a lot to find a modeling tutorial relevant to this. Actually...
  6. Z

    My first illustration - two whales!

    I tried drawing in photoshop for the first time, and made a cartoon rendition of me and my little brother in Photoshop. Everything was done with a mouse and the pen tool. You can read more about it here!
  7. V

    Create a Futuristic Touch Screen Interface Illustration in Photoshop

    Touch screen interfaces are everywhere these days. You can see them on television, in movies, on the web, and especially on your mobile device. In this tutorial we will explain how to create a touch screen interface for a futuristic spacecraft. In the process we will show the digital...
  8. NeoNirvana

    Straight line issues...

    I'm an illustrator and I've recently migrated to PS from Corel Painter due to the latter's production of crap lately. (still don't understand the point of taking away essential features entirely) Anyway, I'm having issues with, yes, straight lines. I know the bit about holding Shift, but for...
  9. V

    Creating a Fun Editorial Illustration

    Today, we have another Vector tutorial. If you’ve thought of becoming an editorial illustrator, then this tutorial is a must read. It reviews the complete editorial illustration with loads of tips inside as well. The process from sketch, through research, communication with the art...
  10. S

    Photo Needs Serious Makeover/ Enhancement - Help!

    Hello everyone, can you enhance this low quality photo? It is kindda dull and the male subject isn't standing out in it. Perhaps even a background change. Give it your best shot and feel free to go crazy if you would, so as long as you are satisfied with the end result. Thanks!
  11. V

    Create a Retro Text Effect and Character Illustration

    Designers often create line art in Illustrator and then bring it into Photoshop to add color and effects. In this Psd tutorial, author Kervin Brisseaux will use Photoshop to create a retro text effect and character illustration with some pre-existing artwork that you can down with the tutorial...
  12. Drejs

    Journey Beyond

    Journey Beyond
  13. V

    Using the Appearance Panel to Create a Kitchen Illustration

    Today, we have another Vector tutorial. In today’s tutorial, I’m going to take advantage of the Appearance Panel to create a kitchen illustration. Learn the benefits of the Appearance Panel: keep your illustration filesizes down, save time, and maintain flexible options. Tutorial Details...
  14. V

    Create a Conceptual Mixed Media Illustration

    You can often create unique pieces of art using several types of media. In this Psd tutorial, author Isaac Andrew Burton will combine hand-drawn sketches, stock photography, and Photoshop to create a mixed mediaillustration. If you are looking to take your Photoshop composition skills to the...
  15. V

    Create a Happy Illustration for a Magazine Article Design

    Today, we have another Vector tutorial, s. Learn how to create an attractive woman in motion and mock it up for client review in a magazinestyle article design. Tutorial Details * Program: Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop CS * Difficulty: Advanced * Estimated Completion Time...