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Resizing an image


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I am trying to get this illustration to fit a 6 inch wide by 4 inch high (300 resolution) frame, but the illustration is square. When I try to resize it, it looks tiny.

I did ask here on the Photoshop Newbies board something very similar a couple of weeks ago - again with an Alice theme (no copyright on Alice illustrations) - and it was answered, but I can't locate it when I search for it on the forum by my username.

Thank you.
Used the 6x4in then pasted the illustration.

Manages to transform the illustration on a larger scale without too much loss of quality.

Take a look at this attempt, as well. I used a special, commercial re-sizing algorithm (instead of Photoshop's built-in algorithm), and also cleaned up some of the JPG artifacts in the original.

Tom M


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Thanks, Confetium, for your reply.

So you created a new file of 300 resolution, white background, 6in long, 4in high), then imported the illustration, and scaled it down (Edit | Scale, or Edit | Transform), then copied and pasted it into your new 6in x 4in image?

When I did that, it looked tiny.


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IamSam, I think it was you who answered my question.

I posted an image of the White Rabbit.
Thanks, Tom for the link.

The other link you posted goes back to 2013 when I seem to have asked the same.

I have saved it because your explanation is thorough and clear.

Yes, I have come across other variations - suppose they all add to the Alice's rich library!
Yes, started it but couldn't find it in the Newbies forum.

That's the only forum I post on - it was sometime in mid-Jan.

Not to worry.
Thanks for those other links.

Your image in post #6 is an improvement - it looks crisper.

You like this link http://www.alice-in-wonderland.net/resources/pictures/alices-adventures-in-wonderland/ for other illustrations.
Just to clarify one thing, my "crisper" version is in post #4 in this thread. The illustration in Post #6 is a re-drawn version by someone else. The latter is almost certainly a freehand version because when you overlay it with the version you posted, there are major differences in the crosshatching and other details, as well as slight distortions, changes in placement of objects, etc.

Also, I only sent you one link, not multiple links in this thread.

Tom M
Yup, that's the one I sent. I thought I was losing it when you used the plural in the first line of post #11.