1. L

    Can you please help me editing these two photos together?

    Hello PhotoshopGurus, This is my very first post and request. I'm very excited to be here. I'm willing to learn more about Photoshop now that I'm on a break. I need help joining two photos together. I know it's pretty simple since they're both B&W, but they're still off when I'm trying to join...
  2. C

    size and resolution

    I don't understand theme size and resolution of images. that resolution must have images for print or for banners and other. Help me please!!!
  3. Helios

    Challenge #42 - The Wild West

    It's that time again! Thanks all for participating and voting in the last challenge, and to Chris for thinking it up. The theme of this month's challenge is: THE WILD WEST Anything with a Wild West theme is acceptable - what does the genre mean for you? Is there a book or a movie you love...
  4. Paul

    One of my images used again.

    I apply to contests over at the world's biggest Photoshop contest site from time to time, it's an honor to have one of my previous entries used as the theme post. The Donald Trump Shining poster remake i mean.:thumbsup:
  5. B

    Resizing an image

    Hello I am trying to get this illustration to fit a 6 inch wide by 4 inch high (300 resolution) frame, but the illustration is square. When I try to resize it, it looks tiny. I did ask here on the Photoshop Newbies board something very similar a couple of weeks ago - again with an Alice theme...
  6. P

    first attempt at a space theme

    well i have tried this one a few times and i still dont like it Lol
  7. R

    Color Theme of Photoshop Work Area

    In CS6 (and possibly newer versions), the default color theme for the workspace background is dark gray, whereas in CS5 the default theme is a much lighter gray. Which is better? Perception of color, brightness, saturation, etc. can be subconsciously influenced by the background color, so for...
  8. inkpad.t

    Day After Tomorrow Theme

    Another painting I did ... In The Day After Tomorrow Theme. Image is low resolution.. stock reference used was from deviant art
  9. A

    Reusable Theme Templates in Photoshop?

    How can I make a reusable photoshop template that has the layer effects of several buttons such that if I change the background graphic (say, wooden or metal texture), I will get a different set of buttons that follow a different theme?
  10. A

    How to create Reusable Themed Artwork?

    I am a newbie to Photoshop. Here is my requirement which needs your kind advice. I want to create several themes for mobile application development from a given background image. By theme I mean buttons, different-sized backgrounds, different text, etc. Currently if I want to create abutton, I...
  11. boofybltzd

    Sports theme.

    I was in high school when the hockey team New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup. Of course I had to buy some merch. just to remember the occasion. However I was always dissapointed at the posters that were made. So last year or so I came up with one. Post your sports poster, any sport you want.
  12. S

    Photoshop gurus desktop theme?!

    Had a little play in 3ds max, made a quick desktop theme, sorry about the gradients in the logo , couldnt seem to get them to stick with the lighting an all :) link to 1920x1080