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    How to resize canvas permanently

    Hello, I am new to PS CC and I have to say it is amazing! Now I got a question which is probably of a rather simple nature, but doing some Research on my own I wasnt able to figure out how to do what I want at all. The issue is as follows: I have a Picture of a certain size let's say 3 Inch x...
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    photoshop edit

    Hi I was seeing if anyone could edit some photos for me I need the following photos resized and enhanced anyway you can to make it look the best. The size needed is [12x18 inch (30x45 cm) landscape. It is being printed on a canvas. Appreciate your help. thanks!
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    Image Transformation following a pixel modification

    Hello. I need to clear up a few things in my mind about pixels and resolutions. I just want to make sure that I got things right. So, say I have an image that is 3500 pixels wide, if I choose in Photoshop that it has 100 pixels per inch instead of 300 pixels per inch, that means that the quality...
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    Resizing an image

    Hello I am trying to get this illustration to fit a 6 inch wide by 4 inch high (300 resolution) frame, but the illustration is square. When I try to resize it, it looks tiny. I did ask here on the Photoshop Newbies board something very similar a couple of weeks ago - again with an Alice theme...
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    Hi, any ideas how to achieve Chakrit Chanpen's style / effect?

    Hi, I have seen a series of images by Chakrit Chanpen recently and I have been looking for a tutorials / tips / pointers on how he does it. I can image it will be a complicated workflow including more than just one technique. I have been "googling" for the past two days and to be honest did not...