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  1. N

    Need Assistance

    Looking for some one to help me create the outline stencil of the bottle alone similar or exactly the same to this Thank you for the help in advance.
  2. A

    Arran from the UK

    Hi My names Arran and I have used Photoshop for many years but always on a pretty basic level. Hope to learn a lot more now. My main hobby is creating stencil art and for that I use Photoshop to prepare the multiple layers ready for cuttin and painting. Thanks for having me Arran
  3. M

    Remove the stencil from within the image

    I'm trying to reuse the horse stencil from the photo, The finished image will be sent to a company to make a rubber stamp. My child asked if this image of a horse could be added to her collection. She's obsessed with horses. I don't need any of the lettering but I do need to keep the horses...
  4. P

    If allowed.. Help needed

    Sorry admins if this isnt allowed but ive been struggling on this for a while. Im need help turning this (image in post below) image into a stencil type form. Ive tried lots of different guides but i cant get the image to look "realistic":confused:. If anyone could help it would be appreciated...
  5. A

    How to obtain this very clean stencil effect?

    Hello everyone! Well...honestly I'm not sure that the right name for this effect is "stencil", but I do not know how to define it Anyhow, for days, I tried to get an effect similar to this one attached, starting from a photo. Unfortunately, I only got very poor and coarse results. Rubbish, in...
  6. T

    How to make a graffiti stencil in Photoshop CS5

    This is a detailed, in-depth tutorial with voice walk-through on how to make a graffiti type stencil using Photoshop. This can then be cut out and used to spray over and make cool looking art for your rooms or...whatever else is done with graffiti stencils...;) Happy viewing and good luck in...
  7. E

    Request: Black & White Stencil Effect

    i can't seem to get the shading right and have decided to cut my losses and ask for some help :redface: i need to apply the black & white stencil effect to the following picture (face only) similar to this: thanks in advance! :thumbsup: