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Remove the stencil from within the image


New Member
I'm trying to reuse the horse stencil from the photo, The finished image will be sent to a company to make a rubber stamp. My child asked if this image of a horse could be added to her collection. She's obsessed with horses.

I don't need any of the lettering but I do need to keep the horses belly and forward facing leg.
Also is it possible to make the lines just above the horses tail and mid back to be a little thicker so the rubber tip doesn't break.

I need the horse stencil to be black on a white background for the company to accept it.

I've spent about a week playing around with the image but I just cant get it to work for me.

Any help would be much appreciated.



  • horse-logo-cayman-islands-equestrian-center-by-eq-graphics.jpg
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