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  1. M

    Help Me Print Without ColorSync

    I'm trying to print a photoshop file on my Epson xp-970. This warning pops up: In photoshop printer manages color is selected because that is what I want. In the printer dialogue box there are no options for color management or anything related to color. In the drop down menu I have Media...
  2. V

    Paint Bucket Not Working With Monograph

    Hi there, I am having trouble getting the paint bucket tool to work with a negative of a black and white photo. There is no colours with this layer, both the foreground and background colours appear white/grey or black. Even when I choose a new colour, it does not appear in the...
  3. gedstar

    Basic troubleshooting steps to fix most issues

    Just something that may help troubleshoot PS issues
  4. R

    When exporting from Illustrator to photoshop traced image looks different. Help!!

    If I try to place the illustrator file into photoshop and the traced image looks different. I have tried to save a copy to pdf from illustrator and it is the same issue. How can I fix this?
  5. K

    Photoshoped photo on facebook = pixelated photo. WHY?

    When I create a banner in photoshop (851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall) (300psi) I save it as a jpeg and I upload it to FaceBook as a cover photo and it gets a little pixelated. I upload it to PhotoBucket and it comes out clear. Is this a problem with what i am doing or is it a FaceBook issue...
  6. R

    Text tool problem

    One of the strangest problems I've had. My text tool is set to a reasonable size yet when I try to type the blinking cursor is nowhere to be seen. I can kind of see a part of it blinking it the top corner, but in character styles everything is set to normal. The text shows up as this odd...
  7. R

    Text tool problems

    Long story short my text tool works, but when I go to input text (with a white or any color background,) it will flicker the canvas to black for a brief second and completely cover the background. Then it will return to normal. Its like a flash or something and it only happens with the text...
  8. J

    After Effects Live recording drawing function?

    I can't figure out how to do live recording of a drawing in AE. Basically, I'm trying to create a bit where I can have drawings that I'm doing be created as I draw them in the program. I don't want to trace them after. There has to be a way to record a live drawing with my mouse without using...
  9. M

    Trouble with getting selected area to color correctly.

    The selcted area has a layer beneath it, however it is not the problem. It keeps coloring the selected area with the colors it was originally colored in, instead of coloring it the color I have selected. The brush and paint bucket are both set to Normal mode so I have Absolutely NO idea what the...
  10. S

    New Member

    Hi, My name is Shira, I am a graphic designer, and I design for a Jewelry Company. I joined this forum, because I have come across a problem with my Photoshop CS4, and cant figure out what seems to be wrong. I use the pen tool to crop images. Usually everything is great - I outline the...
  11. J

    Photoshop Semi-Unresponsive

    O.k. guys, whoever can help has my deepest gratitude... Photoshop is not responding to some of my clicks. For instance, I may have to left click several times to put in a point with the lasso tool. This is typical across the spectrum of tools. Nothing running alongside photoshop which would...