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  1. R

    Matching color to the layer underneath

    Hi all first post. I am am making a quiz and one of the rounds I have chosen is movie posters. I have removed all mention of title etc. but I have also replaced the faces to those of the people taking part in the quiz. Just for a bit of fun. I have no no problems creating the layer to...
  2. T

    photoshop cc colour settings au

    Could someone tell me the best Colour setting to suit printing here in Australia?
  3. A

    Colouring a photo

    Hi ,I'm new here and I need a little help. I tried for at least two hours to colour , mirror and crop a little piece from a simple photo. I'm talking about a photo with a minion and a car logo, i want the minion to look in the right side, but i want to keep the logo as it is and also i need to...
  4. O

    Help: Removing Colour

    Dear Community, At first please excuse me for my english, because i'm actually from germany. :) Two weeks ago my PC just seemed to not work anymore, so I couldn't edit the two pictures anymore due to the fact that I am not having any access to Photoshop right now. I wanted to remove all the...
  5. D

    Harmonize Colour Palette

    Hello! I love this place – can you please help me up! I have the following colour palette. The last two colours are the primary colours which will be the driving colours of the website and PDF reports. I wonder how do I harmonize all colours so that they look all in sync with one another? I need...
  6. A

    HELP!!!Change PNG logo colour to white. Thanks! :)

    Hi, Can someone change the colour of my logo to white please? I have attached it to this posting. Thank you very much in advance :) :cheesygrin::cheesygrin::cheesygrin:
  7. revnart

    Gradient Map - from image

    Hi, any of you know an automatic way of creating gradient/gradient map from image or even better: from layer or selection? I really often need to change a colours of products for one of my clients, using different tools, hue and saturation+curves+ other tools but sometimes it just doesn't look...
  8. B

    From black and white to colour assistançe

    I'm looking to get a photo of my late grandad from black and white to colour. I'm no photoshop guru, but was wondering if u guys knew of a service that performs this task. I've bee searching for months with no luck. I've tried YouTube videos and guides but I just don't have it in me........any...
  9. D

    Background colour change request :D

    Hi all! Great forum with lots of support and gurus here...thank you in advanced! I had a corporate photo head shot taken and they chose a very odd blue. I was wondering if it's possible to change it to a more natural looking colour a corporate headshot (dark or light gray, or whatever you...
  10. H

    Quick Photoshop Request!

    Can you please change their skirts' and ribbons on their arms' colour into maroon? I've tried dozens of tutorials online and can't just get it right. Also it's not absolutely necessary, but if you're willing, please change the second girl from left's face to Pinky Zhou. If not, it's alright. I...
  11. A

    Keeping original wall colour

    Hey ! So I'm working on this projects, where I want to decorate a room with paintings and stuff like that. But I got a problem with the shelves. I want to put the shelves I saw in a picture on the internet, but to keep the original wall colour on the background I'll attach a photo so you know...
  12. S

    Cant put text on a banner

    i cant put text in the green zone i wanted to put a text with gold colour but when i start to type nothing happens
  13. S

    Need help colour correcting - can't work out why it's not working!

    Hey, I'm fairly ok with Photoshop but have never been taught how to use it (learnt off youtube mostly) so there are big gaps in what I know. So this may be a really obvious / easy fix (hope so!). I have made this image which I now need to replicate in lots of different colours. I have...
  14. P

    Newbie with many questions.

    Hi and apologies if I'm in the wrong section of the forum. I have just got into photoshopping over the last few weeks and all I use is the on-line PIXLR which I am still finding my way around it. My main interest is repairing old photographs and over this last week Ive had a go at colourizing...
  15. benftaylor

    Logo Request

    Hey all! My mum just started to do home visits, im primarily a web designer so ive started creating a website for her. Anyway she needs a logo for the website, and for the new business cards etc. its a reflexology business called; Feetspeak for those that dont know, reflexology is a massage...
  16. O

    Using Photoshop for scanned images

    Hello all, I am wondering if someone can help please? I have recently been looking at uploading some photos of my invitation cards to my website. I have looked at using my camera and also my scanner. Now although my camera quality seems to be better, I feel that using a scanner can offer...
  17. J

    Help with Text colour

    Hi, just new to using photoshop. Can someone help me with inserting colour into text? I'm trying to make part of the text a certain colour but can't figure out how to do it Similar to this picture. Notice that "stadion" is blue in the middle but the top and bottom of "stadion" is white. Any...
  18. B

    True Colour Monitor

    I'm a broke ass former student with college debt. I am looking for a cheap monitor that is colour accurate. I bought a LED Monitor, but the blacks are too black and some dark colours blend together on the monitor. Great for cinema and gaming, not so good for Illustrator and Photoshop. Any...
  19. J

    Colour prints from scanned colour negatives

    I use a hp scanjet 3970 flatbed scanner for colour negatives, but am unable to invert the scanned negatives to colour prints. I also use Windows 8.1 and Photoshop CS6. My computer is a laptop. Have used the INVERT tab but no success. Can anyone kindly let me have step-by-step directions to...
  20. S

    PS CC 2015 and Windows 10 "I" Colour Selection not working

    Hi All As the title says really I have installed Windows 10 recently and I'm not sure what's happened but the keyboard shortcut "I" Colour Selection has stopped working and the Space key to move around the enlarged image if I choose their icon then all is well it's just the shortcuts, other...