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  1. L

    Show Colour

    Hiya, my daughter has asked if it is possible to change the colour of her shoes from gold to red. Thanks in advance!
  2. B

    Changing liquid colour in bottle

    I have a picture of a bottle of paint and I want to change the paint colour, I've tried hue/saturation and colour replace, both do the job but I need to be able to pick the colour from a colour chart, and those 2 options only let me use a slider
  3. L

    Hair Colour

    Hiya, wondering if anyone is able to change my hair to ginger/redhead. Thank you
  4. B

    Car colour change

    Could someone please change the black car to the same green as the other. The colour is British racing green. Thanks.
  5. N

    Changing Hair Colour From Brown To Bleach/Ash Grey

    Good Afternoon All, Please would someone be able to change the colour of the longer hairs in the picture below from Brown to either a bleach blonde or even an Ash Grey. In need of seeing what this will look like as i'm going to be doing one of these two colours for charity in the coming weeks...
  6. A

    Colour gradient?

    Hi everybody! I would like to make a gradient like this for a kids workshop (to print as a background basically, size around 1x1m). Any idea on how to make this? I would make it without the cells, anyway my guess is they have been superimposed last, after creating the colours. Seems fairly...
  7. N

    Fixing tungsten colour casts?

    I am trying to remove a horrible colour cast from a tungsten light on the hair and skin of a bunch of photos but I've tried a bunch of methods and can't seem to get rid of it completely without spending 15 minutes on each photo... I've tried using hue and saturation adjustment and trying to hit...
  8. G

    Can someone change the hair colour?

    Hello, Guys. Lately i was thinking about dying my hair. Would/Can anyone change the colour of it to blue to check if it suits me? Would really appreciate it! Neri
  9. J

    Sepia in Photoshop CS6

    Can you please let me have a simple method for turning colour photos to sepia with Photoshop CS6? Many thanks in advance. JoeJ
  10. K

    Probably simple!

    So, there are 2 computers where I am working, 1 has CC and 1 has CS4. On one of them when you 'Apple M' for curves and press Auto you get a nice smooth S shaped curve which is a good starting point to then adjust the (normally) two points on the single curve line over the histogram - fine! On...
  11. N

    change the main colour of a photo

    Hello.. Can you change the main colour of these 2 Photos from Black to Navy Blue. Adidas Logo, Stripes and Details stay in White. Thank you very much,
  12. C

    Speed Triple Wheel Colour change.

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could help me out please. I'm thinking about getting the wheels on my Motorbike painted Gold. Would it be possible for someone to edit the picture and change the wheel colour to gold. I would also be open to other colour suggestion as well, red yellow...
  13. D

    Bringing back one colour only from a black & white converted image.

    I am fairly new to Photoshop. After converting a photo to black and white how can I then bring back one colour - for example all the orange pumpkins in a Halloween pic, but let all the rest stay black and white. Or - perhaps it is done the other way, by retaining the pumpkins colour and making...
  14. R

    Recoloring of tattoo designs

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting the following design as a tattoo, but I was wondering what the design would look like with the rose being a different colour. Is it possible to have 2 designs, 1 with the rose being purple colour and 1 with a dark blue rose. Purple being my favourite colour...
  15. D

    Can someone Please help me with a simple colour change?

    G'day, I need help with a quick colour change on the following photo. If someone could be kind enough to change the bullbar from black to the colour of the wheels, or wing mirrors. Much appreciated.
  16. T

    Need to create 215 Colour Variations of a product!

    Hello to the community! I am Theo and i am working on a new website. We are going to be selling bikes, and its going to be customizable bikes. So, one of the customizations is for the customer to be able to select among some preselected colours or among RAL Colour pallete. Since its impossible...
  17. L

    How to remove a colour cast

    I am interested in exploring ways of removing colour casts and would welcome your advice and expertise. I am aware that there are several ways that one might try but I have never had a real discussion around the problem. As an example here is an image obtained by scanning an old 35 mm colour...
  18. M

    Could anyone fix the colour on my face?

    Hi, if it would be possible i want to balance the colour on my face in this picture it looks unnatural as it is thanks in advance!
  19. E

    Change my car colour please

    Hey, new member on here and just wondering if people could change the colour of my car trying to get some ideas on a colour change in the form of vinyl wrap.. thanks! For example white,red,green,black anything really
  20. B

    easy colour removal from "painted" images

    A good friend of mine who is a self-published author has had some pictures created for one of his children's books, however the artist has painted the images with colour, and is now asking a fortune to provide blank (outline copies). I have been approached to remove the colour and provide...