1. S

    HELP! File randomly cut/removed sections of each layer mask

    I have no idea what has happened but I'm freaking out on an assessment i have to submit soon. Everything was fine and then randomly the graphics deleted on certain sections. In the preview it has weird error colours as well. There was no history to go back onto either. This happened to another...
  2. Z

    Restoring deleted PMs?

    Hey guys, I deleted a PM a while ago, but i've forgotten the content of it and said content was quite important and I would like to know if PMs are soft deleted like posts are? And whether I can restore that PM? Thanks Zee
  3. MrToM

    Text layer being deleted by PS!

    PS CC 2014 Win7 x64 SP1 This is yet another of those moments where you it just me?... The Scenario: A regular text layer, font changed, layer duplicated, duplicate text layer moved. The problem: Once the duplicate text layer is moved the original text layer is deleted. To...
  4. B

    Accidentally deleted Photoshop CS5 application

    Hello All :) I accidentally dragged my Photoshop CS5 program into the trash (I have a mac), and now (even when I drag it out of the trash and onto the desktop) It doesnt open and the program won't run.. The window that opens when I click on the desktop shortcut is "Adobe Photoshop cS5" with...
  5. D

    Layers Disappear Upon Saving PDF

    Citizens of Photoshop Gurus, Whist in the process of writing My Manifesto of Evil and transferring the text to Photoshop so that I may save them into PDFs according to my Will, Photoshop will impudently refuse to bow to my Will, and instead removes layers of text contained within My document...