1. Inkz

    Swan Logo Process

    Hey guy's.. Like to share with you a logo I've been working for a little while. I've been working a lot more with my normal job in retail so haven't had much time to do much graphics. Anyway, a week off so I'm back on it lol. Here's a simple logo of a Swan designed from 5 different sized...
  2. agentmoeller


    Was coming back from a MTB ride yesterday and I pulled up alongside this truck. Took me a couple seconds to realize I designed this logo!
  3. I

    need help to improove me sending the picture of what i have done

    i needed help to improove my self i created this one i need to create something really good i designed this for my brother shop
  4. S

    Poster Design

    Hello all, been a few years since my last post, must say loving the new forum looks! Here is a poster I designed recently to frame for my bedroom, feeback appreciated! :)
  5. C

    After Effects Very Basic Logo & Text Animation Intro

    Hey Gurus.. I thought I would broaden my horizons and teach myself some Ae. I'm pretty good with Ps and Ai so I thought why not try my hand at some VFX. I've only started using Ae in the last two days so please forgive me lol. I designed the logo in Ai and then imported to Ae. Then recorded...
  6. R

    I designed a logo...but

    I think it could look MUCH better! I have no skills, and I need some guidance and advice. My company is called "Purple Orange" and below is what I've created (this is the vision... but the design, is quite crappy. Thoughts?