1. jarhtmd

    Actions How to find the longest image dimension in an action

    Sometimes changing an image's orientation makes for a drastically different impact. I want to create an action to quickly show me all 8 possibilities, by creating a square canvas (based on longest dimension) & then multiple layers, each rotated &/or flipped. That way I can quickly review all...
  2. N

    Photoshop Help

    Hello, I have a photoshop request. Basically I need to replace the guy in the orange backdrop pic in place of the guy in green hoodie. I know the photoshop might look weird because of the dimension problem but that's okay. Please help! I really appreciate it! Thank you
  3. E

    Batch resizing to a specific dimension

    I have lots of images that I need to re-size to a dimension of 790x633. The important thing is to not corrupt them or do any weird stretching. Some of my pics r smaller n some r bigger than the dimensions i desire n have different aspect ratios. For example these images below: 850x900...