1. H

    Newbie looking for some direction

    I am new at Photoshop and looking for some direction on how to do something . I have a photograph that I took of a leaf that I want to put into a composite. What I am trying to do is create an outline around the leaf so that when I put the build together the leaf shows the outline better. I...
  2. S

    Anyone can help me photoshop my picture please

    There are 2pictures i need you guys to help. For the picture that i am standing straight, can you help me to reduce the big gap between my pants and my black shirt ? and can you adjust my left knees facing to the left?(it was facing to the right), and please help me to adjust my right leg shape...
  3. H

    Want to make holes through 3d object

    Just what the title says, I want to make 3 holes, through this object to stand in style with the rest of the object. Here is the object Here is the object with markers showing the holes and lines showing the direction the holes should extend through. So, I'm very new to this whole 3D thing in...
  4. Eggy

    Mountain Village

    I never did something like this so after gathering the next images (resized) to this: I feel this project is not finished yet. Please do comment and show me the right direction... :happy:
  5. Loosekid187

    How is this done?

    I have been playing around with Photoshop CS6 for a few days now, but i havent found a way to make something look like thie image i have attached. any help or point in the right direction would be muchly appreciated :) sorry if this is a dumb question and is easyly done lol
  6. R


    Hi all! I'm still trying to get the hang of getting my composites just right. I see a lot of flaws in this image, but I think it's still salvageable. Maybe blur the gorilla a bit? A constructive critique could surely help. I like it, but I feel I could do more to make it better, I'm just not...
  7. M

    Manual or Filter

    Hello I have been using photoshop CS6 and i am always very eager to learn new things. Can anyone point me in the right direction in achieving this look of the football player? It has a sort of metalic liquid look, with some great reflections and detail Thank You
  8. P

    Hi, any ideas how to achieve Chakrit Chanpen's style / effect?

    Hi, I have seen a series of images by Chakrit Chanpen recently and I have been looking for a tutorials / tips / pointers on how he does it. I can image it will be a complicated workflow including more than just one technique. I have been "googling" for the past two days and to be honest did not...
  9. ibclare

    Took this in a New Direction

    Here's the new version I just finished working on and a reference to the first. Now I need to learn about making reflections in glass windows! :mrgreen: ps: have to put some darkness and color back into that glaring sky and part of the snowy ground. But not tonite.