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  1. I

    Senior Pics

    Please get rid of the two sun glare dots. One next to the shoulder and one next to the eye. Thanks!
  2. F

    Can someone please remove the green dots

    Could someone please remove the green dots? Thanks!
  3. M

    Creating Dots Similar to this Image

    Hey! I was wondering how to create a pattern like the dots on this van. I tried Googling it but couldn't find what I wanted. Basically I want the dots to go from thick to thin. Thanks
  4. M

    could someone do this for me please?

    Hi Could somebody please change the back edge of this shape to have fading dots? So that it looks like this: With the dots more dense/ thicker to the left and right but less dense/ smaller where they meet in the middle behind the front edge. Also trying to do the same thing with the...
  5. G

    Gradient Dots

    Hi All, I am trying to create a print...I need the dots to be tight at the top and then spread out further and further down the document. Please see image. I have had the best go at it myself but it ends up looking like 3 blocks. If someone can make the dots look like a gradient that will...
  6. Sywa

    How to create dots pattern like this

    Hi Gurus, I really like this dots pattern on one shutterstock's image collection. It seems been created by using halftone effect or bitmap halftone screen in PS, but I couldn't get the same look. I meant on this picture, the dots are sitting nicely side by side (not overlapping). Please advise...
  7. MrToM

    Is It Just Me..? #3 CC 2015 Grid Display

    I had another go with CC 2015, after all, its been out a while now and and has an official update already, (2015.0.1), so its got to be right.....right? No.....unless its just me! Here's the deal.... Grid options in preferences gives you three display 'styles'...'Lines', 'Dashed Lines' and...
  8. J

    Halftone dots seem too large.

    Hi team, Been a while... These sort of images have been popping up on a few of the design blogs I've been following. I really like the old school scanned sort of effect of the black and white image. When I play around with colour halftones on photoshop I can never seem to give it that sort of...
  9. thelastlokean

    Selecting an area based on its size, working with halftones.

    First off I'm really into halftone dots and I love the abilities with channel splitting that photoshop offers. I'm all about the split the channels, convert to bmp with custom pattern or halftone dots, then recombine for awesome printing / effects. The biggest limitatuion / frustration I am...