1. D

    Easy way to remove drop shadow from a flattened image?

    I need to edit an image a client sent me, but it is flattened and it has a drop shadow. I need to remove the drop shadow, and I have tried selecting it the best I can, but when I get around the chrome part, it get's really messy. Does anyone have any tips or tricks that would make this easier...
  2. A

    Help me making this photo.

    Hi I need kind assistance with creating such thing as show in sample picture attached. I am going to explain the thing i want to make, in a bit more detail: 1. I want to create frames of different sizes and shapes and then the parts of image within those frames be shown only and rest is going...
  3. J

    How do I achieve this effect?

    Hello everyone, First post here (so please be nice :cheesygrin:) Basically, I'm looking to achieve the below shadow effect with any font. I know how to use drop shadow, but it doesn't give the same effect, as it keeps a gap between the front text and the back shadow. I'm looking to get the...
  4. MrToM

    Masking Layer Effects.

    The following image is a simple ring created from a circular shape of 600px dia with a second concentric circle shape of 400px dia subtracted from it. On that shape are two effects, a 'Drop shadow' and a 'Bevel & Emboss'. Now, the 'Drop Shadow' is displayed 'outside' the shape as you would...
  5. M

    Refine and Edge feature -Not able to get all view modes in the drop down

    Refine and Edge feature -Not able to get all view modes in the drop down I am trying to use selection tool for editing a image and after doing that i am clicking on Refine and Edge button and in that in the view mode does not show me all the drop downs. is there a way to enable this from any...
  6. M

    Scanning, DPI issues with resizing a layer.

    Hi there, working on a project for a DJ friend of mine, he asked if I could put 50 12" sleeves on one canvas 10x5 with a gap and drop shadow on them, now I did some product photography last year so know the basics of outlining the sleeve and arranging multiple layers then smart object for the...
  7. W

    Easiest Way To Replace Sky ???

    If anybody has any links to the easiest way to replace a sky I'd really appreciate it, I've googled and looked at various tutorials and I'm still really struggling with getting my head round layers and masks ... don't know why but the penny just won't drop. If anyone can point me in a direction...
  8. Z

    3 pieces of college work i found

    Hey guys I found these three pieces on my old hard disk... I was just about starting to look at 3d at this point, I screwed myself over with this one as the module after this would've fit perfectly with these images XD having said that, the module later got me into 3D, sooo. :P anyway...
  9. M

    Simple border that i cant do lol

    Hey there guys, sorry to bother you all but im trying to find a way to do this simple border, heres the link to a youtube thumbnail with it https://i.ytimg.com/vi/4Wa5G9kMQ6E/mqdefault.jpg . Im making a new layer white, putting the fill on 0 and then adding a stroke and dropping the opacity on...
  10. mdyusuf

    Question: Drop Shadow Work ?

    How I am improving drop shadow ?
  11. M

    Tricks for efficient gradient fills

    Hi, there. This is my first post on photoshopgurus. I do cartoon maps of towns and properties. I enjoy all aspects except doing trees. My process goes as such: I pencil draw the area and then trace with a black art pen. I then scan it in. From there I do clean up in photoshop of lines and I...
  12. S

    Problem with a drop shadow

    Hello! I'm new to Photoshop, and I'm having a problem. I used the rounded rectangle tool to make a box to hold some text. When I was done, I thought it'd look nice with a soft drop shadow. I added the effects layer to the box layer and it looked good except for it is emphasizing a light...
  13. M

    Anyone stuck with music theory or music related stuff?

    Hey, everyone. Seeing as there is an abundance of Photoshop related help on here, I'd like to offer out my musical knowledge for anyone to pick at. Just drop me a question and I'll be happy to answer. :) Cheers, Josh
  14. M

    How to Create this Drop Shadow part in adobe illustrator?

    I need to Know how to create this Drop shadow that you can see in this photo.(Name under Bruno Hamzagic.) I know the normal Drop Shadow effect.. but cant find out the way to create this kind of shadow(The ends are blurred). Can some one Help me? :cheesygrin:
  15. webwize

    Complex Selection - Help on best selection method to drop out a background

    Hi, I would be forever grateful if someone could give me some suggestions on how to "drop out" the background from this photo (I have loads to do which are very similar). Thus far I have tried channel selections and the calculations tool + all the normal quick selection tools and I just cant...
  16. H

    Exporting a graphic element with drop shadow and transparency - PNG

    I'm having real troubles exporting a button which has drop shadow applied to it. The vector shape has Gradient Overlay, Inner Shadow and Drop Shadow applied to it as layer effects. When I export it with transparency, PNG-24 and then open and place it over the same background, the drop shadow...
  17. C

    double drop shadow????

    Hi, Im trying to get double drop shadows. i came across an article that said i could convert the layer into a smart object and give it additional shadows. however, when i try that the original drop shadow gets stuck onto the new one. i need them to go in slightly different directions. any...
  18. D

    Drop shadow changes on multiple layers...?

    Hi All, I have two layers, an object on each layer. I'm trying to apply a different drop shadow to each object - but when I change one, the change is applied to both objects, even though they are on different layers... What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help.
  19. I

    Drop shadow, this is totally cool.

    Ok, probably not cool to the gurus on here, but I think it is fantastic. My phone has a built in weather app is from and I just love the shadow bar effect at the top. It makes it look like the top bar is bending above the actual content. I looked around for some shadow tutorials and found...