1. A

    Damaged Film Negatives HELP!

    After getting some images processed at a local lab, I noticed this irregular black banding on the scans, I'm in desperate need to figure out how to fix this, I tried using the patch and clone tools but that takes way to long and makes the final image irregular, is there an easier way to fix this...
  2. C

    Best method to extend a background when model is outside of seamless edges

    Hey Gurus, I am reaching out to you experts to ask what method you would use to fix this photo. Specifically the background. I made the mistake of leaving the plexiglass on the floor which makes the reflections a PIA to deal with. I would just like a smooth plain white seamless, that looks...
  3. J

    Clean up image

    Please could someone inprove the quality of this image so that the txt is easier to read. Thanks in advance merry xmas
  4. A

    Resizing Blending Options Tab

    Hey, new to this website. I was just wondering if there was anyway to resize this "blending options" tab. There's no resizing arrows on the side of it. It'd be much easier to use if I was able to see the image as I was using blending options on it. Thanks.
  5. Markie Jordan-Madden

    What Input Devices Do You Use?

    My laptop is, unfortunately, not a touch screen, though I imagine it would make doing some things in PS a little easier. I'm currently using a roller ball mouse rather than the built in. What do you use and how do you like it?
  6. M

    Consolidate Forums

    Hello, I've just received excellent help from admin and IamSam and would like to show my thanks by offering you my first impression. You have a "General" and "Newbie" forum. Now I looked, and both of these get great traffic, but not to a suffocating degree requiring them to be separated. When...
  7. J

    HI! And sorry in advance!

    hi guys, I'm really new to not only photoshop but also forum-ing (is that a verb? Doubt it.) Learning for myself and to make my job easier! Thanks, Jenny
  8. Vafann

    Easier sharing

    I don´t really know anything about how things like this work, and what is feasible, but I think there should be something here that makes uploading and sharing resources easier. Couldn´t there be the same kind of quick upload icon thing as the tree window, (sorry I don´t know what anything is...
  9. Vafann

    Easier way to load brushes and actions?

    Hi! i have wondering about this a long time, is there some way to easily load brushes and actions and things to Photoshop? I have tons of these things that are still zipped because it´s such a hassle to get them into Photoshop. Do you really have to go through the whole " Computer/user/...