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    Light effect help

    Hello all, I am trying to create a feature similar to the background light that you see coming from the center in the distance of this photo. I blurred out the text of the image and am not concerned with its blue tint, but more so discovering the most efficient way to create the astral light...
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    Efficient way to fix small flaws in textures?

    I'm creating a 3D model and finished texturing most of its surface. However, there are a lot of small flaws scattered all over the model and I've tried to fix them one by one using brush but that's just time-consuming. Is there any tool that can do the same thing in a faster way? Healing brush...
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    Tricks for efficient gradient fills

    Hi, there. This is my first post on photoshopgurus. I do cartoon maps of towns and properties. I enjoy all aspects except doing trees. My process goes as such: I pencil draw the area and then trace with a black art pen. I then scan it in. From there I do clean up in photoshop of lines and I...