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  1. G

    Help with 3D anaglyph tutorial

    Hi all, I have been following this tutorial: So far it is coming along fine except at the 8:00 minute mark. When he isolates the hand you can clearly see it but here's what happens when I do it on my end The pen tool is set as he instructed so I am not sure why...
  2. C

    Request: May someone please outline the picture?

    Dear all, I would like to seek your expertise in outlining this picture (Picture 1). However, I only need the lady holding the leg, the male lying on the bed, and the table with its contents at the end of the bed. I have tried to do it myself but it is not as streamlined as what I wanted...
  3. P

    Illustrator Question about vector path

    Hi, I am still new to vectoring and I have a question. I have drawn a couple of vertical and horizon strips on the canvas. However, I am stuck as to how to do the end part of the strips where they meet at the circular path of the other strips. (I have circled this in red) Currently I just...
  4. K

    Progress Since 2011 [Photoshop Showreels] - #kzOFFBEAT

    I just wanted to show my works and every little thing from good to bad from 2011 to this day so you get a better picture of how I've worked. I was without photoshop for 3 years total from 2013 - 2015 and end of 2015 - end of 2016. There's probably some art missing throughout the years though...
  5. T

    How To Make Objects Float in Your Photos

    A tutorial for beginners of Photoshop. Take your time and you can pull the best detail for the end result!
  6. D

    Help with this pic!!

    Please remove the chair, end table and wires!!
  7. S

    Outline with transparent background from photo

    Hi been trying to work out how i can do this with no luck....I have a photo of a dogs head - i want to end up with an outline of this on a transparent background - i have been selecting the head using quick selection tool and then going to blending mode and stroke so i get the outer line ok but...
  8. N

    how to split/angle multiple pictures?

    This seems somewhat simple to make but i don't know how to split a photo up into fours or trios -- then angle the photos. It looks like the end of each picture at the angle has a blended colorless stroke? how do i complete that? Thank you.
  9. C

    Interactive layout feature missing in Photomerge CC2017

    I know that Adobe has removed it and have been trying other ways to do it. Tried using File > Scripts > Load files into stack and moving things around manually, also tried using the Attempt To Automactly Align Images checkbox, what a mess I end up with. I am trying to merge sections of scans of...
  10. gedstar

    Pixelsquid to become a subcription model

    All good things must come to an end
  11. MrToM

    Is It Just Me..? #6 CC 2015.5.1 Guide Glitch...

    The problem: Using the 'Rotate View' tool (R) causes guides to erase themselves when zooming. :banghead: It appears to be just from one end as the guides are removed from the same end regardless of rotation. Here is what happens... 0:50 No Audio. So...Is it just me? Regards. MrToM.
  12. IamSam

    Challenge #40: Submission thread - COMPLETE THE IMAGE

    Here's the submission thread for PSG Challenge #40! A big thanks to MrToM for coming up with the latest challenge titled COMPLETE THE IMAGE. All submissions will be hidden and can only be viewed during the voting period. If you have any comments or would like to engage in friendly...
  13. Eggy


    in the pre SatNav era... to end up with
  14. A

    Weird photoshop request for True Detective and nihilism

    Hello! I have a funny little request. Could you please photoshop every beer Rust Cohle has in the image from True Detective and swap it with the West End beer image. The resulting image is not for advertising, just humour. Rust West End Beer Many thanks, Andrew
  15. R

    It's the End of the World As We Know It

    After eight years of countless tutorials and incessant toiling to improve my Photoshop proficiency, along comes the 2016 Celine ad campaign featuring a deliberately inept photo montage that any beginner could achieve on the first try. Who knew that five minute’s experience with the Quick...
  16. dv8_fx

    Basic challenge #1 submission thread - create a mini planet

    Submit your mini planet creations here. Please keep this thread clear of comments. You can engage in banter and discussions in the Basic Challenge Announcement thread . All submitted images will be kept hidden for the duration of the contest and will be viewable only when the voting...
  17. Tom Mann

    A nice hike and the first snow of the season for us

    Inspired by the challenge thread about a winter without any snow, I decide to post some actual photos (not composite images) of what the very first snow of the season looked like in this area. Yesterday, a friend and I took a nice 7 or 8 mile afternoon hike on the Appalachian Trail just north...
  18. Paul

    Servers certificate as expired WARNING.

    Had to log in to post this usually straight on no issues, all good my end no issues anywhere else either just here? Message saying site not secure?
  19. Paul

    Right at the end...

    Not Photoshop but still really great to see out of the box thoughts going into art projects.
  20. hershy314

    Removing a stuck lens filter (was: Death of a lens)

    I was trying to get this filter off my one and only lens so I could clean it. Well I had the filter on a little too tight so it wasn't coming off by hand. So like a dummy I grabbed a pair of pliers and tried getting it off that way. Well instead of getting the lens off I managed to break the...