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    Specific Need reflection in picture to be shown

    Hey what's up? New to this site. I have a picture that was sent to me from my gf. It's a picture of a class assignment she was working on. Long story short I need to be able to see the reflection image from her laptop. Not sure if this is possible, but would greatly appreciate it if someone...
  2. N

    Low resolution image to high resolution image help

    Hi, I would like to know any techniques to get low resolution image to high resolution. for example i attached a image below. for this image help me how to enhance it for high resolution image. also i would like it in 1500 * 2000 resolution. I would really appreciate if some one can help me :)
  3. C

    Can anyone remove the towaway signs?

    Could someone please remove the red and white towaway signs in the picture? And if possible could you also enhance the photo in any way? Like improving the resolution or messing around with the contrast to make it better Thanks in advance
  4. D

    Enhance old writing on buildings

    197 Is anyone able to enhance the text on these images to make out what it says, it is a faded building sign I can make out the first two lines as that says "Mayfield Station" and the thirdline the middle part of text says "trains to" but can anyone figure out what all the rest says, I am unable...
  5. G

    Hello - Newbie here

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I've been a photography nut for a while now but would like to improve my Photoshop skills. Even though I've played around with Photoshop and have created a few nice things I feel like it was more luck than skill. I would like to enhance my Photoshop knowledge/skills...
  6. K

    Any feedback will be much appreciated.

    Hi everyone, I did try to enhance a photo from the Internet. Did I do a "good" job on the eyes? How about the lips does it look natural? What I can do better to push this work further? Work still in progress. Thank you so much for taking some of your time in checking this post. Before After
  7. K

    Get help to enhance blur photo

    Dear All, Can somebody help me to enhance the photo in attached please? I want to get a man picture clearly. THANKS!!!
  8. L

    Can someone enhance this photo please! :)

    hello can sombody enhance this photo for me if its possible ?:) that volud be very nice :D
  9. W

    Another newbie concert picture

    Hi. I am progressing nicely in editing my concert photographs, but am stuck on this one. How do I tone down the guitarist/drummer and then enhance the entire image. Any way I could get some of the detail back into the guitarist also? Thanks again, Dave
  10. W

    Repairing blown highlights and/or red channel (was: Another newbie concert picture)

    So how would you enhance this image, especially the face?
  11. H

    Newb here

    Hi everyone! I am relatively new to photo editing. I have photoshop elements 9. I mainly use it to edit and enhance images for websites. I'm trying to get a better understanding on how to do this, so here I am! Thanks :)