1. 0Naught4Nothing0

    Specific Another removal request!

    Yep, I'm back at it again! This one shouldn't be too hard for pros like you, I hope. All I'm asking for is the "Join..." to be removed and replaced with the background. Any attempts or submissions are greatly appreciated! A thousand thank yous-...
  2. S

    How to erase background of phone case mockup but keeping camera and volume buttons

    Hi, The basic idea is to just erase the background of phone cover but retaining the camera selection and other buttons (point as arrows), so that i could be able to insert multiple pictures and save them. please guide me from start to end and step by step how to achieve this. I am using PS CS6...
  3. C

    Erasing people

    Hi, please pick any of the four pics and erase the people around me and the one in the middle too. Thank you in advance
  4. C

    Make a PNG from a geofilter

    I'd like to be able to put this over different photos so if someone could crop and it and erase the space between the letters I would be so grateful, thanks in advance
  5. I

    Editing a gif in Photoshop

    Hello.i have a little problem. I tried to edit a gif in Photoshop,but in the final when I finish all the work,only the new text that I introduced it have an effect. The gif have some motion effects,and I don't know how to modify a date but still keep those motion effects. Can you give some...
  6. S

    washing tunnel project

    Hi guys, this is my first post so apologies for any mistakes. Can any of you be so kind and erase white marks from the floor from the photo that I attach please. Any help will be much appreciated.
  7. T

    Customizing Tablet Pen Buttons (Erase)

    I've just purchased a new tablet and was looking to use the first button on the pen to erase but cant find any info on how to achieve this if possible. I had borrowed one of the older Wacom Bamboo tablets from my work and this was easy as it was an option in the driver - there was a drop down...
  8. M

    Trouble with erase tool..I think

    Hi everyone! I found a video on you tube on how to make burn edge effect on your photo. Everything looks great..except that it seems the paint brush i used to erase the edges left an "impression" LOL. It started to show up when i did the "Inner Glow" command. As you can see on the photo...
  9. T

    Please help with removing background from busy foreground

    I need to remove this grey background from the picture. Every selection tool I have tried also removes the fan guard as well. Anybody have a painless way to do this without losing the integrity of the picture? Thanks in advance
  10. ethan1178

    Background Erase

    I was wondering how i can get the background of this logo Fully erased without and specs so i can put it into cinema4dstudio perfectly. because there are these really tight spaces to not be able to use the magic wand or quick select. I can't really use pen tool either because i don't want to cop...